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Why we have to use DuckDuckGo Search engine over Google

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Why we have to use DuckDuckGo search engine Over Google Today’s we face problems like tracking our activities on the web. Most people don’t care about this trouble. Have you heard? US Govt. ban companies for tracking, stealing their personal information or many more. So if it is a simple problem, Why…

What is Ransomware attack-Prevent Ransomware

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Highlights what is ransomware How do I get ransomware? how to prevent ransomware attack Mobile ransomware what is ransomware Ransomware is a type of malware and malicious software, it may be made for the Computer or mobile, designed to access our computer system or Rasomwware locked our data present in the computer…

Why Antivirus so Important for our computer

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HIGHLIGHTS why is it important to update your antivirus software?regularly? ? What is?antivirus? Generally, Antivirus is a software that helps us against to block unwanted software and services or any illegal activities in our computers. Antivirus Software is set to design that are capable to prevent, detect and remove virus, malware or…

how to secure WordPress website from hackers-Beginner guide

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Highlights Beginners Guide to Securing Your WordPress Website When you first install your WordPress website, security may be the biggest issue for the begginers. Many beginners thinks that the installation, through the cpanel or website, website is secure and free of risk. It may seem like no one would want to get…