Why Antivirus so Important for our computer


  • why is it important to update your antivirus software?regularly?


What is?antivirus?

Generally, Antivirus is a software that helps us against to block unwanted software and services or any illegal activities in our computers. Antivirus Software is set to design that are capable to prevent, detect and remove virus, malware or all types of trojans.
Today’s antivirus software becomes very smart and analysis our all activities like Browsing and warn us against any malicious activities that will happen in our PC.


Antivirus software comes with a Virus engine which means all malicious codes of malware kept in it when we scanning our computer, it will be matching files which is kept in our computer the malicious codes that kept in antivirus Engine. The malicious codes updated in the Antivirus hourly So we have to update Antivirus day by day.

why is it important to update your antivirus software regularly

We know that, In a single day millions oh attacks happened in the computers or servers. Also, new antivirus introduced every day. Antivirus companies analysis these codes and added them to the Virus engine. So we have to update Antivirus regularly.

how often should I scan my computer for viruses

If you Paid Antivirus it will automatically detect virus or malware. or if you use free Software

It depends on your usage
  • if you use internet
  • if you take Files from external sources like Pendrive.
If any malicious activities happening in your PC Windows Defender warn you.

The Importance Of Performing A Regular Virus Check

Everyone is sure to encounter a malicious program for some purpose. These nuisances will crash your laptop or leave it running at a slow speed. These viruses leave your computer t risk and a useless machine. so this is a necessary step to check your computer against malware. The antivirus suite will protect your computer against malware.
For this reason, you have to check your pc.

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