how to secure WordPress website from hackers-Beginner guide


  • Beginners Guide to Securing Your WordPress Website
Secure Your WordPress Website

When you first install your WordPress website, security may be the biggest issue for the begginers. Many beginners thinks that the installation, through the cpanel or website, website is secure and free of risk.

It may seem like no one would want to get into your website, but it is not true in the case of wordpress.  Even in a new site, malware attack starts. No one new website safe from the hackers.

This post discusses the most common ways ,hackers will try to access your WordPress site, and then lists some of the best methods to stop them.

Most common WordPress security issues

  • Login attempts

Many malware or boat are setup to try to reach to your site through the ?wp-admin? login panel.

  • Spam Comments

Your site will get spam comments. The more popular your site gets, the more spam comments. Many spam comments look good, but you can normally tell spam comments from the quirky email address used, and the poor English in the comment. If it does not look legit, delete the comment.

  • Many Begginer used Old Versions of WordPress

WordPress code is open source, so any one has access to it.  Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit that code to access websites with older versions of WordPress. Hackers try to gain access your website

  • Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress has many variety of plugins. WordPress plugins are secure, but not all plugins are secure.Plugin is another way for the hacking if you use unknown plugin.

Secure Your WordPress Website

Quick and easy methods to keep your WordPress website secure

  • Regular update WordPress version on your website.

If you get any new update of wordpress script, update it as soon as possible.Many bugs removed in the new updates and may be new security features introduced.

  •  Keep your plugins up to date.

  • Delete unused plugins.

delete unused plugin because it be impact your websites.

  • Routinely backup your WordPress site.

This should be obvious.  If something does happen to your website, it will be much easier to restore.  backup is a great option when something happened with your website.

  • Use some form of ?Captcha? plugin to help prevent spam.

WordPress comes with Askimet reinstalled. There are many other good captcha plugins available.
use Anti-Malware plugins in your websites

  • Use the ?Limit Login Attempts? plugin.

WordPress have another great feature that is Limit Login. Enable it
It track your Login attempts, any unknown attempt it will disable to someone to login your website



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