What is Ransomware attack-Prevent Ransomware


  • what is ransomware
  • How do I get ransomware?
  • how to prevent ransomware attack
  • Mobile ransomware

what is ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware and malicious software, it may be made for the Computer or mobile, designed to access our computer system or Rasomwware locked our data present in the computer or mobile by the hackers. If our data successfully locked by the hackers then we have to pay money to him otherwise our data will be lost or permanent delete. Ransomware typically spreads by the phishing emails or by unknowingly visiting an infected website. It can be installed with Cracked software. It can delete or locked backup files.Ransom malware?is a type of virus that prevents users to access their data or personal files and then demands money to regain access. Payment can be done by Cryptocurrency or Credit Card.

How do I get ransomware?

If we talk about me I get Ransomware from Windows crack,. I have backup in external device thats why i restore my Data.

Very nice question, where we get Ransomware. We have knowledge about Ransomware?”
How do I get ransomware?”
The most popular way of getting RANSOMWARE is Cracked software. Maximum People use cracked software because we get paid software without any cost. But these crack software comes with many malware or virus. Also It can comes with Ransomware
There are many ways where Ransomware enters in our computer system or mobile. very common ways is “Through the email”.Mainly we download Ransomware from spams email. It can be attached with PDF, PNG files or software offered by the Email providers.?It also contains links to malicious websites.
Another popular infection method, That is malware advertisement or malvertising. Malvertising, or malicious advertising, is the type of online advertising to spread malware. While browsing the web, even popular sites, users can be directed to hacker servers clicking on an ad. Sometimes this server offers us Software for our Computer.

how to prevent ransomware

I will explain methods to prevent ransomware attack but now I explain simple methods to stop the ransomware attack. Please Subscribe my website or remember WolverinMagazine.com

First step you have to do

  • Never open spam email or download files from them.
  • Use Free Anti Ransomware software for your Mac or Pc
  • Backup your important data in External device.
  • Don’t use cracked software if you used then Install Antiransomware Software.
These are the basics steps you should follow to prevent the Ransomware. Later I will separate post for” how to prevent ransomware”

Note: If you secure your Pc from virus You have to basic knowledge about it. No need to spend money to buy Premium Anti Virus.

Ransomware examples

Let’s talk about some examples of Ransomware malware. There are many examples of ransomware attacks according to the Antivirus Providers. In single day thousands of ransomware produced by the hackers.
These Examples of Ransomware shared by COMODO Security.
1. Cryptolocker
2. Locker Ransomware
3. Bad Rabbit
4. Goldeneye
5. Zcryptor

Mobile ransomware

With the increased popularity of ransomware on PC platforms, hackers now targeting mobile operating systems Mobile ransomware typically targets the Android system, as it allows applications to be installed from third-party sources. ALL android apps come with .apk extension, so ransomware also comes with .apk extension.
I suggest you don’t install apps outside the play store or MOD apps.
I hope you will understand What is Ransomware

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