what is Brute Force Attack and how to prevent on your Website and account?

what is Brute Force Attack and how to prevent on your Website and account?

  • What is Brute Force Attack
  • Why hackers make a Brute Force attack?
  • Types of Brute Force Attack
  • HOW TO STOP Brute Force attack?
  • FAQ about Brute Force Attack

What is Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack is a method wherein an application or software attempts to decode your encrypted data, such as a password, website. It is done by trial and error method.?A brute force attack is a cyber-attack to steal your password or account information through the application. Actually, it is finding the key which is used to decrypt your data using trial, errors, and eventually, it decrypts your sensitive information. It is a very old method like spyware, but it is very effective and popular, which is used by hackers.

Password cracking depends on the length, complexity of your password. Cracking takes place from second to many years. I always suggest people to use password manager software to generate a password.

Why hackers do a Brute Force attack?

Usually, the Brute force used for getting personal information like password, user names and credit card info.?Hackers use automated software to apply a password to your account in 1 second. For example, hackers apply 10000 passwords in 1 second in your account.
The other main reason for Brute Force Attack to get access on your website for their work

Other reasons for a brute force attack

  • Sell your information to the third party
  • To use your website server for malicious activities.
  • To show hacker’s ads on your website.

Types of Brute Force Attack

  • Reverse Brute Force Attack
Reverse Brute Force Attack is the reverse of the Brute Force attack. In the Reverse Brute Force attack, hackers do not target users’ names. They apply one password to multiple user’s names which mean the same password applies to all usernames.
  • Hybrid Brute Force attack
Hackers use a dictionary to getting your password. A list of words in a dictionary applies in your account or website to crack your password. Suppose your password is “Computer”, hackers apply all dictionary words in your website. Within a second your account hacked by the hackers.

HOW TO STOP Brute Force attack?

Brute Force attacks are very effective on weak password. Hackers easily cracked the weak password.
THERE are many steps which help us to stop the Brute Force attack.

1. Password Lenth

We know that about brute force attack. The first and foremost step to prevent brute force attack is to set the password Lenth at least 10-16 characters. Password must have a symbol, Words, and numbers. Lengthy password has a long time for cracking that means if hackers want to crack your website, it takes up to many years.

2.Limit Login attempt

Set the limit login attempt on your website. This is a powerful way to stop brute force attacks on your website. If anybody wants to crack your account, its block after a few logging attempts. It should block their IP address.

3. Use Complexity Password?

When we set a new password for any account, every server says to set up a strong password that has Symbol, Capital word, running words and numbers. There is the main reason behind it to stop the brute force attack on your website.

4. Using CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is capable to detect about a person activities and robotic activities. That’s why most of the websites in the present time to setup CAPTCHA features on the website.
Using a CAPTCHA is common nowadays. Install CAPTCHA plugins and connect with your Google account. There is a simple method to set up on your website.

5.Two-Step authentication

Two Factor authentication is a great feature in security. Almost every social media like Facebook, Twitter and other companies like Google, WordPress forces us to set up Two-factor authentication in the account. In this feature, when you login the first time in your new device or new location, you have to put a password and unique password. Unique password sends to you by the company in your contact number.


In the dictionary attack, all password apply to your account from the dictionary. Suppose your password is “Rainbow”. Rainbow is a word present in the dictionary. So hackers crack your password with the dictionary attack within a second.
In the brute force attack, hackers used the combination of a different word to crack your password.?

Frequently Asked Question about Brute Force Attack

Which tools are so popular in the Brute Force attack? Brute force attack software

These tools I discuss with you just for knowledge. These tools are available on the internet which you can download easily.

1.John the Ripper

It is a software used to crack passwords. This is free. Password cracking software that initially developed for the UNIX system. Also, it is available for Windows, Linux, DOS.

2. Aircrack- ng?

It is another great tool for password cracking. It is available for Windows, Linux and also in the smartphone.

3. Ophcrack

It is a brute force attack tool that specially designed for cracking windows tool.


It is another tool for password cracking which is made for network authentication.
There are many brute force attacks or software cracking software.

How fast are Brute Force Attack attempts?

The speed of Brute Force Attack depends on the hardware of the hackers. The combination of CPU and GPU increase the frequency of attempts.
For example, your password is 6 Digit. The possible combination of password id 26+26+10*6=Approximately 2 Billion possible combinations. Powerful CPU tries 30 passwords in 1 second and take up to 2years to crack your passwords.?
If a hacker uses CPU and GPU, the cracking time reduces up to 3.5 days.

What is an encryption key?

Encryption Key is the string that is generated for a scramble or unscrambles the data. Encryption keys can be cracked using brute force attacks, but in the present time, there are encryption keys that would take a long time to crack even using modern computers

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