What is a Backdoor Website and How to find?

Backdoor Website is a very serious problem, especially for security. A website hacker tries to get access to your website by leaving malware when a website compromised. It is one of the best ways to get access to a website after an initial infection of a website. Hackers leave a backdoor and it allows to control of a website remotely bypassing the security method.

hackers made a backdoor by malware that injected within the website to get access to a website. So they can do anything with a website by their requirements. For example, they change your password or something bad with websites.

What is a backdoor?

Backdoor is a type of malware in the cybersecurity world that refers to a method in which authorized and unauthorized users get access i.e. root access of a computer network. Once they install the malware on a computer after that they can use it as a backdoor. Then easily try to steal personal data like a credit card, password or usernames of the computer.

The most important thing, backdoor are not just installed by hackers also can be set up by the computer’s hardware providers or software. Which not means it is not used for illegal activities. Basically they are useful for helping customers who are locked out of their devices or for troubleshooting and resolving software issues.

Don’t worry I will tell you everything How to get stay away from the Backdoor.

How do backdoors work on websites?

Backdoor malware is usually classified as a Trojan. A Trojan may be a malicious computer virus pretending to be something it isn’t for the needs of delivering malware, stealing data, or opening up a backdoor on your system. very similar to the computer virus of Ancient Greek literature, computer Trojans always contain a nasty surprise.

Trojans is a very versatile tool in the Cybercrime Toolkit. They are often covered, e.g. By attaching an email or downloading a file, and offering a number of malware threats.

To make matters worse, Trojans sometimes have the ability like worms to replicate and transfer to other systems without additional cybercriminal commands they make. Emotet helped make the Trojan the highest threat detection for 2018, consistent with the State of Malware report.

Why Are Backdoors difficult to Find on websites?

Actually backdoors do not link itself to the website so they are difficult to find. Some codes are encrypted and may sore anywhere in the server files.

Sometimes backdoors are unsecured maintenance scripts left behind after authorized site maintenance.

How can I protect against Backdoor Website?

There are some steps that help you to secure a website from backdoors

Monitor activities

install Wordfence or Itheme security plugins so that they are monitor all activities on your website. If any malicious activities happen on your website they will warn you. So you can protect your websites.

You can also use Sucuri security plugins for your security.

Choose applications and plugins carefully

Do not install plugins from outsides or unknown sources. Always try to install plugins from WordPress Store. Please read the review of the plugins in the store. Awareness is the best security tool against malware attacks.

Keep Everything Updated

Do not ignore the error message or new updates if you will safe on digital websites. Most people ignore the latest updates.

What can hackers do with a backdoor with the system?

Hackers can use it as


Hackers can spy by the backdoor virus to your websites. Then collect information about your sites, activities, usernames, password.

Lockdown your Websites/computer

backdoors can be designed to lock your computer or websites like Ransomware.

DDoS Attack

Use your Computer for DDoS attack by the backdoor malware. Using the backdoor to get access to your system, hackers can take command of your computer remotely and send bots to the target websites.

How To prevent a Backdoor attack?

  1. First, you have to install a Firewall on the computer or a website. There are many trusted free and best firewalls available in the market. WordFence and Sucuri is the best firewall for a website. If we talk about computers, ZoneAlarm free firewall can stop the backdoor attack.
  2. Do not use cracked software or theme for a website. Because they are encoded with the malicious code.

Frequently Asked Question

Why do WordPress websites get hacked?

There are many reasons behind a website to get hacked.

  • Weak Passwords
  • Poor hosting Service
  • Outdated WordPress installation
  • Outdated WordPress plugins and themes
  • No security firewall or monitoring plugin

What are Backdoors In WordPress?

Backdoors are the malware that specially designed to get access to a website.

Where To Find A WordPress Backdoor Hack?

It may be in the

  • WP-Themes
  • WP-Plugins
  • Wp-config.php

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