{FAQ} how to secure windows 10 from hackers-Do you need Premium Antivirus for computer[2020]

How to secure Windows 10

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Start with this question How to secure Windows 10. Everyone want to secure operating systems from various malware even organization or cybersecurity’s companies. In the online world nobody secure from attacks. It is the cruel truth about the internet. So we have basic knowledge about cybersecurity or internet security if we want to secure on the internet. I am sharing with you some tips and facts that must be required. Knowledge is the best Antivirus in the world so increase your knowledge. I am not telling you to gain deep knowledge, you must have to know basic steps, how hackers attack on your system.

How to secure Windows 10

Why we have to need about Internet Security?

  •  Prevent malicious attacks through any servers
  •  Protect all sensitive data including your Credit Card
  •  Prevent unwanted access to the system
  •  Remove any malicious source present in an existing system.

1. Back up your computer

we already know about backup Files. It is a method to store or encrypted your Files safely. Today’s world, we can’t save our Computer or devices like android or Windows 10/MAC from hackers or malware. Many new types of malware introduced by hackers every day. New virus cannot recognize by the Antivirus. Research on malware tells “millions of viruses attacked on our Pc or phones in various ways like Email, By browser or By Softwares or apps.

So what can we do for our security?
The best ways to secure your Files is ” Backup your Files“. We can backup by online cloud storage like Google Drive or OneDrive. We can store our personal small sizes file on these online drives. Google Drive or Onedrive both provides free storage for us. It’s totally free. we can store Fils up to 15 GB on google drive.
Second best way to back up your files on External drive by Windows 10′ Software. Many free software helps us to make a Backup of our files. It’s also a free method.

If any case, our files deleted or block by ransomware or other type of virus, we can easily restore by Backup files

Note- Don’t make a backup on computer drives because many malware can delete your backup files. That’s why always back up your files on external devices.

2. Websites with HTTPS are secure

How to secure Windows 10Google gives us warning when we access the website with  “Http://”
“Http://” no more secure website by Google. When the website’s URL has Http:// – That’s mean website server is not secure and encrypted. Hackers easily track your information or delivers you spam software or files by Pop-ups by website.
“Https://” – here  “s” show secure website’s server. It tells show website is encrypted and safe for malicious activities. 

NOTE- When you have to do Payment online Check website’s URL, If it is not Https:// do not pay on website. It can steal your information or Credit card Pin.

3.  Check link safe or not

We get many emails from unknown sources. Some senders send us offer or news by email. Our responsibility to check these link is safe or not. If you don’t know about the link, VirusTotal is a great website to check all kinds of URLs or files. GO TO VIRUSTOTAL enter files or URLs in it, it shows full details about files.
I suggest you stay away from unknown e-mails or links.

4. Have different passwords for all your accounts

Personally, I am using more than 20 email account or any social media accounts. Every platform tells us to sign-up or need our personal information like contact number. 
Use different passwords for each platform, it may be strong. Many people use a password like ABCD, 12345 or their name, their favorite pet name. Because strong password difficult to remember. 
So use Apps like Lastpass, Avast Password or many more. These apps suggest us password or we can store all types of password in it. These software are available on almost every OS and also available in the browser’s extension.

5. Use Two- authentication method

We know about the “Two- authentication” method. If you don’t know I explain it- it is used for security purposes. When you try to access your account from an unknown location or new device, the server need extra information from you. This type of information knows only you it may be your contact number or any questions which you set up at the time of account open. So use Two- Authentication method in every account. It increases your security.
How to secure Windows 10

6. Update your operating system and all software

Make a habit to update the operating system as well as software. Because new updates comes with various improvability or fix bugs that present in the software. Even Biggest companies like Google, Microsoft’s official apps have many bugs, also in the operating system. So don’t ignore new updates. Don’t open the door for virus or malware.

7. Be careful when you browse

Most of the time we use for browsing new things or search about problems. Many websites we use for search about our problems or finding new things. Not every website is as secure as it is. Be careful when you browse.
Many websites force us to download android apps or windows software online when we try to download videos. So don’t download this software because it may come with malware.

Even be careful when we do shopping online Don’t try to pay on unknown websites.

8. Don’t use outdated software or Browser

YES, DON’T use outdated software even apps because it may have malicious code or bugs that affect a lot on your computer as well as smartphones. Always download files on Trusted source. Don’t compromise with security. Many people ignore these facts, later on, it may damage our operating systems.

9. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi, we use because it is free. When we browsing on Public WiFi, our information can access by Public WiFi issuer. Even our Username or password. It works the same as the website’s server.

10. Don’t share sensitive data on unknown source.

Don’t share or store your sensitive data on a website like Credit or Debit card’s Pin Card or contact number.

Frequently asked questions

How to secure Windows 10

How can I improve my Internet security?

  • use strong password for online account
  • use Anti Ransomware to protect your data

What are the best practices for Internet security?

  • update about new virus attack
  • Don’t use crack software as well as android apps

How do I secure my home computer?

  • keep computer’s software update
  • Update Antivirus Daily
  • Install security updates on windows 10.

How do you keep data safe and secure?

  • Backup your files by best software.
  • Use antimalware software

What is the best security software for computers?

All type of Paid antivirus are good options as Antivirus. Choose any one according to the Price. For example, Avast, Bitdefender, Avira, etc are good software.

Do you need Premium antivirus?


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