Know everything about Trickbot Malware and 5 steps to Detect

With the use of increased Internet banking, the danger of malware also increases. This malware is specially designed to target Internet banking users to steal their funds. One such malware puts you in danger that is Trickbot malware.

It is very important to get informed about the latest malware such as trojans, trickbots malware, fake applications, ransomware, and clone websites that can potentially compromise our online security.

This Trickbot banking Trojan has been targeting individuals and organizations. The main motive of the trickbot is to steal sensitive information and cause significant financial losses.
In this blog post, we will discuss the world of Trickbot malware, explore its origins, and most importantly, the best ways to protect yourself from its malicious activities.

What TrickBot Malware

vpn, trickbot malware
Trickbot malware
  • Trickbot is malware that is designed for banking purposes. The main function of trickbot is to steal banking information to get the victim?s money. It is highly modular malware.
  • It not only target user, but also targets businesses for their data, such as banking information, account credentials, and even bitcoins.
  • Trickbot steals banking information, and account login details and drops ransomware to the system. It manipulates what the victim sees in the browser and redirects to the clone website which is operated by the hackers.

Importance of understanding Trickbot malware

  1. The importance of Trickmalware is to protect you from financial fraud. It will help you to understand and find malicious activities on your system.
  2. Trickboy is sophisticated malware that steals sensitive data, spreads within the network, and installs ransomware in the system.
  3. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand malware and how it works.

Some of the ways to do this are:

Use a cybersecurity program that has multi-layered protection and can detect and block TrickBot in real time23.
Look for possible indicators of compromise (IOC) by running tools specifically designed to do this, such as the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST)4.
Isolate infected machines from the network and apply patches that address the vulnerabilities that TrickBot exploits5.
Educate yourself and your employees about the dangers of opening suspicious emails or attachments, or clicking on unknown links.

History And Evolution of Trickbot Malware

vpn, trickbot malware
Trickbot malware
  • According to the Malwarebytes, they found it in 2016. It started as a banking stealer, but Malwarebytes found it is capable of installing other malware, targeting financial services, and dropping ransomware.
  • TrickBot has a reputation, it is the successor of Dyreza. Since then it has evolved into a modular, multi-phase malware. It is not only capable of streaming information but also expanding access to compromised networks.
  • It installs backdoor malware into the network, which enables remote access to the system.
  • The most common ransomware which is installed by Trickbot is Ryuk and Conti. It disables Antivirus programs in systems such as Avast, Windows Security, Kaspersky, and Mcafee Antivirus and modifies itself to avoid detection.

Internal trickbot petersburgburgesswired

Internal Trickbot petersburgburgesswired, It is Inside Trickbot, Russia?s Notorious Ransomware Gang to spreads banking trojans to the systems.
Read more from wired

How Trickbot Malware Works and Infection Methods

  1. TrickBot reaches the target via either an infected link or an attachment. Mainly it is available on malicious websites or comes with phishing emails.
  2. Once it downloaded on the compromised device, it installed the TrickBot binary. The malware then employs various and exploits networks and data.
  3. In preparation for future attacks, the TrickBot disables antivirus protection so detection of it is impossible on the system.
  4. As part of a secondary attack, TrickBot can propagate the malware laterally throughout the network, typically by exploiting a Server Message Block (SMB) vulnerability.
  5. The TrickBot group then deploys a Ryuk ransomware attack. The attackers manually delete or encrypt backup files and twins. Ryuk encrypts all system data and initiates the ransomware attack.
  6. For decryption data, you have to pay attackers for decryption keys or Delete all data from the system.

Impact of Trickbot malware

Trickbot is a term for any software that can harm your computer or data. Some of the impacts are:

  • Your computer may become unstable, slow, or constantly crash.
  • Your internet connection may break and become slow as the malware tries to infect other computers.
  • High consumption of computer resources.
  • You may see error messages or pop-ups that try to trick you into buying fake products or services
  • You may lose your personal information, such as passwords, bank details, photos, or documents.
  • You may damage your reputation if the malware sends spam or malicious links from your email or social media accounts.

Removing TrickBot Malware: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Safe Mode

  • Delete all temporary fines from your systems.
  • To delete Press Win Key+ R, and it will open the RUN Dialog box.
  • Type TEMP and enter. It will open the folder. Delete all files.
  • Again Press Win + R, type %Temp%, and delete files from these folders.

Step 2 Uninstall Unnecessary applications

Go to the control panel, and see unnecessary programs in the central panel.
Uninstall it one by one.

Step 3. Scan Offline in Windows Security

windows antivirus scan
source: Microsoft Windows 11
  • Open Windows Security
  • Go to Virus and Threat Protection and then click on Scan Option.
  • Choose Offline scan and start.
  • It will detect all malware on your PC.

Step 4. Install Malwarebytes free software

  • Scan by using free malware byte antivirus, it is capable to detect and delete Trickbot Antivirus.

Step 5 Reset Browser

  • Delete Extension from your browser.
  • Reset your browsers one by one. It will delete all malicious plugins from your browsers.

Step 6 If you need no malware

  • The best way to delete malware from the system is to Reinstall or Reset Windows. It will completely delete all malware from the PC.

How to Delete Malware from Android

Step 1 Find the suspicious app

  • Open your phone in safe mode
  • Go to settings> Application Manager
  • See all installed apps and
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications one by one.

5 techniques for detecting and removing Trickbot malware

1. Keep updating Windows

Microsoft releases every month security patches to the Windows user. Also, Android manufacturers released security upgrades every month.
Update your devices, so it will help to delete all types of malware.

2. Install Antivirus with all security

  • Antivirus provides many features but all are not free. So use a paid protection tool to ensure your device will keep safe and up-to-date.
  • Firewalls help to recognize malicious network activity so if anyone accesses your device remotely, it will notify you immediately.

3. Change Passwords

Change all passwords, especially those related to online banking and sensitive accounts.

4. Isolate the Infected System

Disconnect the infected system from the network to prevent further spread.

Guarding Against TrickBot: Email Security and Prevention

Phishing emails play a significant role in TrickBot distribution. Train employees to recognize phishing attempts, use email filtering solutions to block malicious emails, and encourage a culture of skepticism when interacting with unexpected or unsolicited messages.

Curbing TrickBot’s Reach: Disrupting Email Lists

TrickBot relies on email lists for efficient distribution. Security professionals are actively working to disrupt these lists, minimizing the malware’s potential reach. Collaboration between cybersecurity experts and law enforcement is crucial in this effort.


TrickBot malware represents a formidable threat to both individuals and organizations. By understanding its tactics, recognizing signs of infection, and implementing robust cybersecurity measures, we can better protect ourselves from its malicious intentions. Remember, vigilance and proactive defense are essential in the ongoing battle against TrickBot and other cyber threats. Stay informed, stay secure.


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