9 Steps To Protect Your Online Safety: Is Xhamster safe

Talking about how we use porn has never been easy. But it is very important to discuss whether is Xhamster safe to access and browse. The main reason does not accessing these websites is because it is the source of spreading malware into the devices.

With so much discussion happening online recently about the dangers of porn addiction and how to browse porn safely. We wanted to take a closer look at the topic.

Pornography addiction is a growing problem. It become a main source of spreading malware on devices. There are plenty of ways to access Xhamster safely and securely without any interference from harmful side effects.

Who Owns Xhamster and about the founder, Headquater of the website.

xHamster and its history

Xhamster is a media and social networking site. Its headquarters is in Limassol, Cyprus. It provides videos, subscription-based content, photographs, and erotic literature.

xHamster was founded in 2007. In 2007, it was launched by Oleg Netepenko and Dmitri Gussew. According to Wikipedia, it is 4th most significant site in the world having 10 million members.

In 2020, it is the 20th rank in overall traffic in the world. Now its owner is Hammy Media Ltd.

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The importance of online safety and privacy

Online privacy is important because it helps to protect your online identity. It helps us to save online personal information from being stolen and hacked.

Here are some reasons why online privacy is important:

  • Protects the privacy from cybercriminals.
  • Limits the power someone may have over you.
  • It keeps your data safe from social media scams and data breaches.
  • Protects your freedom of speech and expression.

Potential Risks to access online porn

Malware and viruses associated with adult websites

Cybercriminals know the official websites blocked in many countries so they make clones of these websites. The main motive of these clones is to spread malware in the system. There are millions of users access porn daily.

When accessing on Android phones and iPhones, watch the below screenshot. It is a very common practice used to spread attacks.

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Other dangers associated with porn websites are

Malicious codes embedded in some pirated software programs can gain access to your data.

Webcams can by controlled by hackers if we install browser extensions, and software from these websites.

Much illegal content is available on these websites like children-related content puts you in danger in many countries.

Privacy concerns when using xHamster

When accessing online content, there are several privacy concerns that a person should be aware of. For example, your browsing history can be tracked by ISP providers or third-party advertisers.

This can target your advertising or even identity theft if your data is compromised online.

To protect your data from advertisers while watching porn, you can use incognito mode on your browser. There is a debate about whether incognito mode is SAFE OR not. This will help to prevent your history from being leaked.

Exposure to inappropriate content

Inappropriate content on porn websites can be material that is inaccurate information, abusive in nature, or, may be promote violence. It might lead the child into unlawful or dangerous behavior.

In addition, visiting adult websites can put your privacy and security at risk from everything from tracking cookies to adult website scams.

Censorship “Is Xhamster Safe?”

  • xHamster is blocked in some countries, such as India, China, Russia, and Australia, due to legal or moral reasons. 
  • Xhamster was involved in several controversies like children’s videos, animal abuse, and revenge videos.
  • Some countries like the USA banned content on children. If you access content on children and are caught by government agencies, you will get in trouble.

So while accessing porn on your devices ensure nobody tracks your activity. The safest way to hide your IP address is to use a VPN, DNS Changer software, and a browser with a VPN format.

How can I stay safe while browsing xHamster?

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Porn websites use hidden ads and links embedded in it. Click anywhere on the website, it will redirect to another website.

Mostly these websites are fake dating apps and spread malware on your device. So it is very important to block these links. To block links Use the Block Ads feature on browsers.

2. Malware and Virus

There are millions of users access porn websites daily. Most of the websites are blocked due to Govt. laws. Cybercriminals make fake and new websites( not easy to detect govt.) to spread only viruses into the systems.

So it is necessary to use a secure browser and anti-virus solution to block these kinds of websites.

  • A standard method of installing viruses on your device is to show you POU-UP ads, When you click on it will redirect to your malicious websites such as shopping sites, online gaming bets websites, or free adult download content websites.
  • They force you to download software or apps on your devices. Many users install without knowing the what is app or software about. Often, these are malware-coded apps and software.
  • To blocks malware you need an antivirus program that helps to detect virus on your system.

3. Stay Anonymous with a VPN

A VPN has the capability to change a user’s IP address with the VPN provider’s address. That means your real location can not be tracked on the internet. Trusted and branded VPN providers use NO LOG POLICY i.e. no information of users stored on the servers.

Using VPN some benefits are:

  1. Watch porn without exposing your device ID and location i.e. no govt. the agency tracks your activity on the web.
  2. Unblock banned websites: There are many popular websites that are blocked by the Govt. So VPN helps to unblock and access their content.
  3. Blocking unwanted Ads: the main problem on porn websites is annoying popups and ads. VPN can block third-party ads on your device.
  4. Block malicious websites and data; There are many websites that spread only malware through porn. SO VPN help to filter out these kind of websites.

4. Ignore sextortion Emails

When I received a sextortion email from an unknown sender, I was feared. They claim that we have your personal photos and if you won’t pay us we will share them on social media.

I researched on the web about this issue. This is Just a trick to get money from users with bitcoins. So never trust this kind of email.

5. Don’t create an account with a personal mobile number

Do not create an account on these websites. In short, never sign up on the website until you purchase a premium subscription.

  • One of the main reasons is they gather users’ personal data such as name, numbers, and credit card information.
  • There is always a high risk of hacking their servers and data. So your data also leaked on the internet.
  • The last pass is a popular password manager app that is hacked. After that, I received many emails about unauthorised payments from my credit cards and somebody signed account account.
  • So never trust these websites to give personal data.

6. Use a genuine video downloader

To download a video on your device, always use a genuine video download. Or you can use a Torrent downloader to download a video on your device.

7. Watching only on Trusted Names

There are hundreds of website that serves video content to the users. But all are not trusted. Always go to websites like Pornhub, x videos, RedTube, onlyfans, and many more.

Before accessing this website, check the original URLs of these websites because many websites are fake.

8. See the HTTPS Logo on websites

HTTPS tells us whether this website is secured or not. It is an internet protocol that helps the web server to encrypt their data. So the data reaches the users without interference from the hackers.

9. Avoid Redirect Websites

When you click on the video, the website window opens. It is very common on these websites. So use Ad-blockers to block these links in your browser to stop mishapying with you.

10. Do not install MOD Application on your Devices

Please be aware of the risk of the MOD application on your devices. Cybercriminals embedded malicious code inside the apps so after installing theses apps, your phone can be hacked.

What Safety Measures can be adopted by a user?

You can take some security measures when you access “Is Xhamster Safe” on Android and iPhone device

  • Look for secure browsing such as Brave Browser, Opera browser
  • Use reliable antivirus software to protect your device and block malware on your device
  • Be cautious with sharing personal information on the site
  • Use a reliable VPN to hide your location and activity
  • VPN also protects your online privacy

xHamster has also been accused of violating the privacy and consent of its users and performers. For example, in 2016, the site leaked the names and email addresses of over 380,000 users who had signed up for its “bug bounty” program.


  • Porn websites are always one of the main sources of spreading malware. So it is very necessary to protect your privacy on websites. Not only porn websites, no data are safe on the internet. Gain some knowledge to help you secure online
  • Use software like VPN, antivirus help to access porn safely on the internet.

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