Waredot Total Security- Best 5-Minute Performance Review

If you are like most people, you probably think of the antivirus program as a one-time expense. Antivirus Like Avast, Norton, and Kaspersky provide monthly, and annual subscriptions to the users. Antivirus software can be a regular expense to your system. So here is your answer, best budget fit and strong security antivirus. I am doing a Waredot Total Security review so you can make a better decision to buy it or not.

Waredot Total Security

By Inderjeet

User Interface


Use Waredot software to keep your device cyber-safe, and online security, and stop phishing and hacking activities.


Waredote Total Security Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight UI
  • VPN Built-in
  • Performance Booster
  • Regular Updates
  • Banking Security
  • Password Manager
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Parent Control
  • Advance Threat Shield


  • New in Markets
  • Not reviewed by AV-Test.org
  • Slow scanning compared to Kaspersky, Avast

About Waredot Total Security

Waredot antivirus brand created and designed by Minds Insider.  The office location is in the USA, Ukraine, and EU Region. Waredot antivirus is available on various platforms like Android, Windows, and iPhone.

waredot total security, waredot internet security
Waredot Total Security

Customer Support and Reputation

You can get more help from WareDot, or by contacting Customer Services & Support at +1 (254) 570-3636. For more details, please visit the Refund Policy. You can contact Waredot Total Security here.

Importance of choosing a reliable antivirus program

Advanced Threats are on the rise all the time on the internet, and antivirus software is needed software to stop internet threats. It is one of the best ways to protect your computer and business because it does not require expertise. Just install it and use it.

Online security and cybersecurity become more important issues for billions of users. Personal information like login credentials, banking details, and phone numbers is no longer safe on the Internet. Antivirus software can help to prevent this security issue.

Antivirus software recognizes the viruses and then works on removing them from the system. It works as a defense against scammers. So not only eliminates a virus but also prevents unwanted ads from the system.

Why are we using Internet security instead of Antivirus?

The antivirus comes with only basic features but Internet security adds more features like a Privacy firewall, Browser safety, online banking security, and many more. Some of the benefits of Internet Security are:

  • Protection from viruses and their transmission.
  • Block spam and ads.
  • Protection from hackers.
  • Protection from identity theft.
  • Protection against phishing attacks.
  • Remove spyware.
  • Protection from malware.
  • Protection from rootkits.
  • Protection from Trojans.
  • Protection from spam attacks.
  • Automatic updates to protect against new threats.

Features and Benefits

1. Real-time protection against malware, viruses, and ransomware

The most important feature is real-time scanning. Real-time scanning protection ensures the security of a system by detecting all activities. Waredote provides Real-time protection with Waredot Totoal security.

Why does real-time scanning matter?

  1. 4.6 billion users are active online
  2. 1 cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.
  3. 76% world uses antivirus to prevent cyber-attacks!

Waredot comes with this feature, which protects not only internal but also external security to block threats. It tracks all program activity, USB virus detection, and any activity that can pose a threat to the system. The main feature of real-time is USB virus removal, Email filter, Quick scan, and VPN protection.

2. Advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities

Waredot uses Waredot advanced defensive HIPs technology. Waredot antivirus is available for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices. It uses advanced threat protection techniques to detect the latest malware in the system. It is protected by:

  1. Provide multiple layers of protection against malware attacks
  2. Also, offer remote removal of malware and ransomware by the support team
  3. It blocks malicious pop-ups and blocks it
  4. It monitors all activity in a system and blocks any malicious found
Waredot Total Security

3. Web and email protection for safe browsing and online transactions

Any incoming and outgoing emails received in your systems are scanned by it. Incoming emails and messages can be disguised as ransomware, malware, spyware, and fake APKs.

In recent times, phishing scams have increased rapidly. Mostly phishing scams offer free cryptocurrency to the users or tell them to “Verify your account before freezing”. Therefore a strong Email filter is required to ensure security for online privacy.

4. Firewall and Wi-Fi security features using Waredot Total Security

Firewalls add an extra layer against the hacking attempt by hackers and cybercriminals. Firewalls control the internet traffic outgoing and incoming from the webserver. Waredot guards internet connections against identity theft and data stealing

It checks all files and programs when it is connected to the internet. If any malicious network is discovered, it stops it from entering and prevents uncertain control & activities.

5. Secure password management and file shredder

Remembering passwords is a difficult task. Thats why we use weak passwords like names, pets’ names, and phone numbers. We store important information on online accounts, weak passwords can compromise online accounts.

To set a strong password, (no need to remember ) Waredot helps to do that. Waredot encrypted the password and stored it in an encrypted form so that no one opens your password.

Waredot helps to create a unique password. It helps to create using symbols, characters, upper case, lower case, numbers, etc. It is strong enough to be decrypted by hackers.

Why is using a Password manager so essential?

81% of data breaches happen due to poor passwords.

6. Performance optimization tools for improved system speed

Ten’s of unwanted services running background in the system, So that PC become slow with time. Waredot helped to Diagnose the PC with Optimizer and stop unnecessary files from running background.

Junk files and temporary files can also have malware so it is need to be cleared. One of the main reason for the Slow computer is the startup program, it restricts the program when the PC start and boot up.

Full storage is a big problem in PCs. It affects the performance of your computer. Waredot detects duplicate files that occupy your system and helps to remove them. This helps to free up space quickly.

6. User Interface and Ease of Use

The total downloaded files is around 140 MB, which is very small when compared to the Avast. The user interface is very simple, every feature is available on the Front Page. You do not need to find a setting, it is easily found on the home screen.

It offers:

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  2. Customizable settings for personalized experience
  3. Easy installation process and automatic updates

Pricing And Plans Waredot Total Security

waredot antivirus
Source: Waredot

Comparison of features included in each plan

Waredot Antivirus 2023Waredot Internet Security 2023Waredot Total Security 2023 2023Waredot Ultimate 2023
Passwords Manager
Driver Updater
PC Booster
Browser Safety
Real-time Scanning
Webcam Protection
Safe Online Banking
Advance Threat Shield
Parental Control
Privacy Firewall
Source: Waredot Website

Safe online banking Waredot Total Security

The Internet makes online banking so easy but with the usage of Internet banking, the danger of hacking and scams also increased. Frauders make clones of shopping websites, so they can steal online details and get money from users.

Waredot help to scan website, offer auto-filling password, and credit card info, to prevent fraudulence. It also blocks the taking of screenshots when you use a credit card online.


Waredot Total Security

VPN is one of the greatest techniques against malware protection. It helps to filter out malicious traffic and secure the browsing experience. Waredot provides free VPN protection with WAREDOT Total Security.

VPN helps to unblock blocked sites that are blocked due to regulatory authority bans. Not only security, but VPN helps to make internet access faster. A VPN encrypts the Wi-Fi network and makes it private. Here are some other benefits of VPN:

1. Anonymity Waredot Total Security

VPN hide IP and real location and connects user from their server. VPN uses NO LOG POLICY i.e. VPN providers does not store user’s log and data. It helps us to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Why using a VPN is so significant?

  • The most virus comes from the Internet
  • Encrypted online data comes from the Internet
  • Help to block malware with a NAT Firewall
  • Can access blocked websites

2. High-speed internet browsing

The VPN helps to keep your online surfing, downloading, and streaming safe and fast. It prevents malicious websites that are trying to snoop on your traffic. Thus keeps all things safe and secure to use.

3. Automatic updates and upgrades

Waredot update daily its virus definition so it can be capable of detecting newly created malware. It also offers remote security if the user needs it.

4. Remote Access

A VPN allows a user to access resources on a remote network securely. This is especially useful for businesses that have employees working remotely. Not only remote access, it provides safety and online protection to users.

Parent Control Waredot Total Security

Parent Control is a feature to control” what are your children doing online”. You can control their usage, and set screen time by the Parent control.

Parents control help parents by:

  1. Set screen time
  2. Block adult websites
  3. Check browsing history
  4. Location alert


Ransomware can lock all data with an encryption key. Once it enters in system. it locks all data and needs a key to unlock it. So the scammer provides an encryption key by taking ransom from the victims.

It is one of the most dangerous forms of malware that ever existed. Waredot uses pro-active ransomware protection, it detects the issues, threats, and vulnerabilities with Waredot Defender.

Why safety against ransomware is significant?

66% of the organization gets infected by Ransomware.

Source: Waredot

Waredot helps to delete adware that installs with Programs, it scans regularly before they enter your system. Also, helps to block redirected websites that are used by scammers.

File Shredder

A file shredder is a tool that completely wipes out files from the memory. When we delete permanent files from the system, they will be recovered with the help of recovery software. So the file shredder deletes permanently and forever files so that no software recovers it.

Waredot uses traceless discarding of personal data and carefully deletes data without keeping a trace behind it. It uses binary data to rewrite files and docs to retrieval impossible. This helps to overwrite delete and replace it with binary data.

Browser safety

Browser safety provides security and safety for browsers installed in your system. It stops tracking spyware and 3rd party tools from tracking your intent data and collecting all your data such as passwords, IDs, and debit cards.

What does Waredot do to provide browser safety?

  1. Stop malicious redirects
  2. Stop DNS attacks
  3. Blocks the unusual popups
  4. Clear your digital footprints
  5. Stop malicious websites

Speed Testing and Comparision

System- Windows 11

C Drive storage- 89 GB

Processor- Intel i5 H series 10th Gen

Ram- 8 GB

1. Driver Update Testing

It found 4 outdated derived in my PC and updated successfully.

2. Quick Scan Result

It took 12 Minutes to complete the scan while Kaspersky Took 6 minutes to scan.

3. PC Booster Waredot Total Security

PC booster block background app and sleep background task. My bootup time is 27 Sec after installing Waredot, before it was 49 Sec.

4. VPN Leak Test Waredot Total Security

I tested the VPN leak test, and here is the result, and take better results. VPN leak test ensures how safe your VPN server is and provides online protection. I used the DNS leak test and WebRTC revealed the IP test. All tests Pass.

System Requirements

Processor – 1 GHz or higher, RAM – 1 GB or more, Hard disk Space – 450 Mb, Operating system – Windows 7 (x32, x64) (SP1), Windows 8 (x32, x64), Windows 10 (x32, x64), Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 or higher


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