(screenshot)Features of Waredot Antivirus: A Detailed Review

AntiVirus programs become an essential part of security. There are many best antivirus like Avast but they are costly.

Waredot antivirus is a new player in the industry. It provides a powerful product lineup and good security tools for the users. It includes the VPN, PC Booster, Driver Updater, Banking solution, email protection, and many more.

It is still a new antivirus, and until now no security test done on AV-Test.org. There are very few reviews about Waredot antivirus on the internet. So, I will provide a comprehensive review of it.

(screenshot)Features of Waredot Antivirus: A Detailed Review 1(screenshot)Features of Waredot Antivirus: A Detailed Review 2
(screenshot)Features of Waredot Antivirus: A Detailed Review 3(screenshot)Features of Waredot Antivirus: A Detailed Review 4

About Company

The headquarters of the company are registered in New York, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The Twitter page started in 2021.


  • Privacy firewall
  • PC booster
  • anti-ransomware
  • affordable pricing


  • New in the industry
  • No test on the AV-Test.org website

Waredot also includes the following features

  • Web protection.
  • Performance optimization tools.
  • Virtual private network (VPN).
  • Password manager.
  • File Shredder
  • Realtime scanning
  • Browser Safety

User Review

Amazon4 out of 5
Walmart’s Flipkart4 out of 5
Trustpilot4 out of 5

Why Waredot Antivirus is the Best Defense Against Malware Attacks

Waredot Realtime Scanning

Waredot Internet Security provides an advanced Real-Time Protection scanning feature to protect whenever malware enters your system. It tracks all activity of the application to stop unauthorized activity.

Password Manager

Over millions of passwords are hacked and available on the dark web. The main reason for hacked password Security is we set weak passwords.

Proactive technology of antivirus will defend your system from various malware, spam, advances, and viruses. Waredot uses the latest technology to stop all types of viruses.


Old junk files, delete unnecessary files and folders from your system to speed up your PC. A lightweight user interface consumes fewer resources from your system ensuring no performance effect on your PC.


The most crucial feature needed by every person is privacy. Don’t let hackers steal your identity or hack your data. Safeguard your device with Waredot antivirus.

source: Waredot Antivirus

File Shredder

Why is File Shredder so important?

  • 4.6B+ billion users are active online
  • 1 cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.
  • 40% of account takeovers happen per day

When you delete permanently your files from your PC, files are only deleted in File Explorer not only from your system storage. Many software available that can easily restore files.

So, a file shredder is used to completely wipe out your files from the system. Delete your files permanently and forever.

Real-Time Scanning

Why does real-time scanning matter?

  • 4.6B+ billion users are active online
  • 1 cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.
  • 76% world uses antivirus to prevent cyber-attacks!

Waredot provides offline and online Real-time scanning options to their users to ensure no harm by the malware. Scan your device anytime, manually, or schedule whether you are online or offline.

Waredot uses the latest technology to check your device both internally and externally to discover threats. It keeps a watchful eye on suspicious programs, processes, background activity, and USB pen drives that may cause harm to the users.

USB Detection

One of the oldest ways to enter malware into the system is through USB pen drives. Waredot scanned and detected the virus if any USB drive was held. Detect and be aware of the user before entering your system.

Email Filter

Any incoming email is checked by the Waredot antivirus to ensure emails hold safe links. Therefore email filters for safety email use.

Ransomware, malware, or any other virus is easily spread by emails by hackers So Waredot scans and block spam link in emails.


Firewall is a basic need of any PC so it should be versatile, advanced, and rich in features to ensure your safety. Firewalls help you filter network activity and block if any malicious activity is there.

Why Firewall Significant?

  • 4.6 B+ billion users are active online
  • 1 cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.
  • 88% people’s data breaches take place due to users’ lack of knowledge

A firewall guards your network and system against viruses, identity theft, and data breaches. It uses a network filter technique to block malicious activity so that your surfing remains safe and harmless from the hacking attempt.

Other Features

1. VPN

Waredot VPN

Pricing of VPNs puts an extra burden on the users. VPN helps to make users private and anonymous on the web and helps to hide IPs and real locations. It also helps to block third-party trackers, govt. tracking and helping to open geo-block online content on the web

Why using a VPN is so important?

  • 4.6B+ people users are online
  • 51% of people used a VPN

Many VPNs are offering free service, but it is not up to mark, it blocks only IPv4 but IPv6 does not hide. So, ensuring to use of trusted software always helps to make your safety first.

What ware does help you with a VPN?

High-speed internet browsing

The VPN removes all unnecessary content you receive from the internet. VPN helps to filter out the garbage and malicious content before reaches you. VPN helps you to increase the speed of your browsing.

Offers Remote security

Waredot VPN keeps the user out of danger for any kind of threads and blocks spam content. One can now give remote access to any professional without thinking too much about their data safety and security. Waredot keeps your data safe while providing others remote access.

Saves user privacy

Now get access to most of the region-based content and also get the price benefits based on the specific location or country. Even getting through the blocked websites to grab the opportunity is possible with us.

Keep data encrypted and safe

Stop the prying eyes from feeding on your data by the encryption method. Waredot effectively safeguards your IP addresses, protected and servers from the eyes of agencies, hackers, and corporations.

2. Anti-ransomware


Why safety against ransomware is significant?

  • 4.6B+ billion users are active online
  • 1 cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.
  • 66% of the organization gets infected by Ransomware.

Blocks the weird popups

Utilizing the web and coming in interacting with pop-ups might be harmful. Waredot web safety secures your machine from malicious pop-ups which may lead you into bother. It scans for threats and blocks them successfully earlier than they may enter your knowledge premises, encrypt them, and blackmail you for ransom.

Cease malicious redirects

Attackers are in every single place, at all times energetic however Waredot lets you cease malicious redirects to a different website. These redirecting websites would possibly maintain a danger of posing an infection that may be very difficult for the person to do away with.

Drivers Update

Previous laptop software programs and applications are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and due to this fact, a continuing replacement to the most recent model is obligatory. Waredot lets you routinely discover the previous model of applications and recommend the best & trusted model of setup and replacement so that you simply stay secure in all methods.

3. Compare Waredot Security Features & Plans

waredot priciing
Waredot Pricing

4. Waredot Total Security

Advance threat shield

Waredot’s advanced defensive HIP technology closely watches for malicious activities in your software application & immediately performs its duty.

Multi-layer ransomware protection

Safeguard your pictures, videos, files & documents against ransomware encryption. Waredot stops trojan, worms, or spyware attacks instantly.

Speed up your device

Don’t let your PC speed affect your performance. Waredot uses the best optimizer to scan your system & find the most worthless garbage to clear out.

Webcam protection

Waredot Total Security helps you to secure your privacy and protects you from unauthorized access to take control of your webcam.

5. All features

  • Parental Control
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Webcam Protection
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Safe Online Banking
  • Passwords Manager
  • Browser Safety
  • File shredder
  • Real-time Scanning
  • Vulnerability Access
  • Advance Threat Shield
  • Driver Updater
  • PC Booster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is anti-phishing?

Cyber threat attacks increase day by day and therefore remaining safe is the first need of the hour. Waredot has understood this problem and created its best detection procedures to recognize evil, malicious, and blacklisted websites against its up-to-date database.

What is a Privacy firewall?

Waredot Total Security works on every local and internet network just like a real-time security guard. It works constantly to check for safety precautions & to keep your data safe from anonymous hackers and spyware.

It detects the probability of threats and blocks unauthorized inbound and outbound connection before any mishappening take lodging.

How Waredot Help to Safe Online Banking?

The Internet is not accessible to every person. Most of the attacks were attempted from internet browsers. It also blocks the taking of screenshots to add an extra layer of protection.
It eventually proffers the use of a virtual keyboard to prevent hackers and spyware from capturing keystrokes.

Will Waredot remove viruses?

Yes, Once you install Waredot Total Security, then you can scan and remove/quarantine them.



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