what types of hackers are there- A full list

Today, mainstream usage of “hacker” mostly refers to computer criminals, thanks to the mass media usage of the word since the 1980s. There can be many reasons behind hacking, sometimes they are not bad, but most hackers do illegal activities. So we are discussing here about types of hackers in this article.

There are many types of hackers on the web, some are good guys and some are bad guys. Both are works to crack the system and finds new ways to get access to the computer system. This will assist you understand what quite protection you need for your system and who are the faceless criminals targeting your personal or business information.

What is hackers

Also known as Computer hackers, Any person can be hackers which use their knowledge to steal data, solve vulnerabilities in the software, bypass the security method to get unauthorized access. Also, the main work of hackers to earn money from the web by legal or illegal activities. They always find a way to access a user’s systems and data and earn money from them.

Most hackers do

  • Scanning the user’s weakness
  • try to gain their access
  • steal data from various virus
  • spread malware to hack their system
  • crack the software security and provide as a free and attach malicious code

The hackers always try to be anonymous and this can be done by one person or an anonymous group. It is very difficult to find about the hackers.

types of hackers

Types of Hackers You Should Know

White Hat Hackers

we know us white hat hackers as Ethical hackers. In the industry, white hat Hackers are known as Good hackers because they help to remove vulnerabilities. They will help to remove the virus and work for the companies.

A white hat hackers who gain access to the system to remove or fix the bugs and fix these errors. Also, they identified the weakness of the system. Many companies organized the exhibition for the hackers and gives the task to find their bugs.

Black Hat Hackers

We also know as crackers. The main task of the black hat Hackers to earn money illegally. A black hat Hackers gain access to the computer by illegal activities to steal their data. These tasks are done in various ways. The main intent of these Hackers to steal data from the corporates, violates their privacy and steal their money from their account.

Unlike white hat Hackers, these hackers spread Malwares and introduced a new form of malware like Ransomware. These hackers do to destroy, modify and steal the personal data.

Most of the time they attack the financial institutions like banks. They find banks or companies with weak security and steal the money from it.

Grey Hat Hackers

The works both White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. They break the security of any software or network and finds their bugs or vulnerability without authority.

They view the weakness and reveals them to the system owners. These hackers are experts who may sometimes violate laws and policies but they don’t have intent like black hat hackers.

Script Kiddies

These hackers use tools that already developed by other hackers and try to gain access to the computer system. in fact, they are begginers and use tools for their works. These hackers also known as skids hackers.

They usually work for website defacement. It is easy to perform by the software. Mostly they attack as DDoS attacks.

Other Types of Hackers

red hat hackers

These hackers work like whit hat Hackers. The main work of these hackers is vigilance. They halt Black hat hackers and they stop malicious activities. They shut down the malicious activities, stop uploading viruses, stop DDoS. It break down all activities which try to gain access computer system by illegal activities.

blue hat hacker

Cybercrime is increasing day by day. Not just increasing these activities, also companies or banks lose millions of dollars. To reduce these attacks companies hire hacking teams to stop these attacks. They work like Red Hat Hackers.

These strategies are very helpful for the financial institutions to stop illegal activities.

green hat hackers

These are Noobs mean no idea about hacking but they done their work by software. These are refresh in the hacking industry, they have a little knowledge of hacking.

The Hacktivist

The main target of hacktivists is Political issues, government movement. These hackers intent to target political movements.

They use hacking skills to send free speech, religious messages. These task done by hacking websites and send the message by these hacked website. These people usually target cultural ideologies, social causes, cult movements.


These hackers work for banned or terrorist organizations to target military and Government. Sometimes they disturb the Government computer system.

According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, cyberterrorism is any:

?premeditated, politically motivated attack against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combat targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents.?

Social Engineering Hackers

While this sort of hacker doesn?t affect vulnerable computers, their attacks are getting a much bigger threat a day within the digital world.

Social engineers use lies and sociology to take advantage of weaknesses in human behavior. We see this with the increase of text message spam, phishing emails, and fraudulent phone calls.

If you?ve ever followed behind someone to enter a building that you simply should are buzzed into, you?ve committed an act of social engineering. you recognize it’s unlikely that anyone goes to confront you about tailgating, but you’re effectively gaining unauthorized access to the building.

Pentesters and white hats may use social engineering as a part of their methods to check an organization?s security. a number of the simplest hackers within the world will do reconnaissance on a corporation to spot targets and trick those people via email, on the phone, or on social media.

You get an email, it’s legitimate, and you open the attachment. While the malware is within the attachment, the attack vector that caused the corporate to urge hacked was the one that didn?t know better.

State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

State or Nation sponsored hackers are those that are employed by their state or nation?s government to snoop in and penetrate through full security to realize tip from other governments to remain at the highest online.

They have an endless budget and very advanced tools at their disposal to focus on individuals, companies or rival nations.

Which type of hackers are good?

Good guys are white hates, red hates, and green hates.


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