Soon Microsoft reveals new File Explorer in Windows 11

Windows Central reported about Microsoft working on a new File explorer UI for windows 11 users. File Explorer is one of the most prominent features of Windows.

The new File Explorer is based on the Windows UI Library or known as WinUI, which comes with new styles and controls, and buttons.

According to the report, Microsoft will better integrate the new experience with OneDrive and Microsoft 365. But add many new features including a Modern interface, icons, redesigned context menu, and many other optimizations.

What’s included in the new File Explorer

It also adds a rounded corner of the windows of the file explorer, a base layer that uses the Mica material, an element that lets the background shine.

The major part is that Microsoft does not compromise performance with the new design. Performance is a major issue in modern UI in windows 11, this time Microsoft optimizes the design and Modern UI.

Also does not consume more battery life and falls back to a solid color when the app is not in use. The menu and the title bar is combine in one header interface in the new File Explorer.

Microsoft added a header button that has new icons (Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Share, and Delete) moved into the file/folder view just below the header.

Additionally, Microsoft is working on a more rich photo viewing experience for File Explorer via a new “Gallery” area. It is similar to a Mac photo finder.

How to Download new File Explorer

After the update, Microsoft provides File Manager in Windows 11 through the Windows 11 New updates.


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