Jose Buono philodendron- 5 Benefits, care, and where to buy

If you want to grow a Jose Buono philodendron plant in your indoor house, I will share the best variety of philodendrons for you. Also, I will share the benefits of having a Jose Buono philodendron in your house.

Philodendron is one of the most loved and easy-to-grow indoor plants. It is believed that it is best for good luck for the house.

What is jose buono philodendron

Josh Buono plant is a variety of philodendron. it has large leaves compared to the other philodendron species. You can see clearly in the images below.

Philodendron Plants, Jose Buono plant

It is a rare variety of philodendron, belonging to the Araceae family. In the leaves of the Jose Buono plant, a white pattern with bold splashy variegation in patches and spots across the leaf.

Scientific NameZamioculcas zamiifolia
Common NamesZZ plant, Jose Buono plant
Plant TypePerennial, indoor houseplant
HeightUp to 2-3 feet
Leaf ShapePinnate, glossy, dark green leaflets
Growth HabitUpright, arching stems
Light RequirementsLow to moderate, indirect sunlight
Watering FrequencyLow, allow the soil to dry between watering
Soil TypeWell-draining, all-purpose potting mix
Temperature Range65-75°F (18-24°C), can tolerate some variations
HumidityLow to moderate, adaptable
ToxicityMildly toxic if ingested, keep away from pets
Care LevelLow maintenance, beginner-friendly

Does philodendron Jose Buono have stable variegation?

The variegation in Philodendron “Jose Buono” plants can vary in stability, just like other variegated plants. Some plants have stable variegation, where the patterns on the leaves remain consistent over time.

Factors like light, temperature, and overall plant health can also affect the stability of philodendron jose buono variegated.

Is philodendron Jose Buono philodendron rare?

Yes, it is a rare variety of Philodendron. You can purchase on selective websites or offline nurseries.

How do you take care of a Jose Bueno philodendron plant?

Philodendron do not need special care for its growth but you have to care for it. I will share some care tips for the philodendron for your indoor houseplant.


A healthy plant needs 5-7 hours of sunlight for tree growth. It will be more beneficial if you place your philodendron in the direct sunlight.

The main issue when people live the urban areas is sunlight. You can use Grow Lights for the indoor plants. It is one of the best options to replace the sunlight.


In fact, Philodendron does not need too much water. If you use coconut coir in the pot, then you do not need to provide extra water for them.

Philodendrons can survive in minimal water. Excessive water can cause the root rot issue. So avoid it.


Philodendrons can grow in small ports. So select the right pot for it.

You do not need large pots for it.


Typically, philodendrons prefer normal temperatures. It can grow in summer as well as winter. So do not worry about the temperature.

Make sure, there is no excessive humidity around the plant.

Benefits of Jose Buono plant to grow indoor

Air PurificationJose Buono plants help remove toxins and improve indoor air quality.
Aesthetic EnhancementThey add a unique and visually appealing touch to your home decor.
Low MaintenanceThese plants require minimal care, making them ideal for busy individuals.
Stress ReductionThe presence of plants can have a calming effect and reduce stress.
Improved Humidity LevelsJose Buono plants can enhance indoor humidity levels.
Health BenefitsStudies suggest that houseplants may have positive health impacts.

The growth stages of the Jose Buono plant (ZZ plant) with estimated periods:

Growth StageDescriptionTime Period
Seed StageThe plant starts as a seed or rhizome.Variable, typically 2-8 weeks
Sprout StageTiny shoots emerge from the soil.4-12 weeks
Seedling StageThe plant develops more leaves and stems.3-6 months
Juvenile StageGrowth accelerates, and more leaves appear.6 months – 1 year
Mature PlantThe plant is fully grown and thriving.

Where to Buy a Jose Buono Plant

You can buy it from various offline nurseries and online websites. I will suggest you some websites, where you can buy for your home.

I will just recommend it, not getting a commission for them.

Is Philodendron Jose Buono a climber or crawler?

The Philodendron Jose Buono is a climbing plant.

jose Buono plant

How big do Jose Buono’s leaves get?

Its leaves can vary in size but typically range from 8 to 12 inches in length.


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