Best organic hydroponic fertilizer for Easy Growth

Instead of soil, we use water in the hydroponics growing system so we need organic hydroponic fertilizer separately. After all, the fertilizer you use can damage plant growth. Every plant needs fertilizer according to its needs.

The main benefit of using a hydroponics system is to grow vegetables organically. So it has become important to choose the best organic hydroponics fertilizers. You cannot grab any fertilizer even if you know which fertilizer is needed for the plants. I will share which types of fertilizer you can use for the best growth in your indoor garden.

What are the benefits of using organic hydroponic fertilizer?

Reasons to Choose Organic Fertilizer
1. Environmental-friendly
2. Soil Health Improvement
3. Reduced Chemical Exposure
4. Slow Release of Nutrients
5. Beneficial Microorganisms

Best organic hydroponic fertilizer

Maxicrop Liquid SeaweedMade from seaweed4Buy
General Hydroponics Flora SeriesA versatile organic fertilizer 4.5Buy
Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid ConcentrateDesigned for hydroponic systems, 4.2Buy
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro GrowCertified organic fertilizer4.7Buy
Age Old Organics BloomAn organic fertilizer rich in essential nutrients 4.6Buy

1. Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed

Best organic hydroponic fertilizer for Easy Growth 1
Source: Maxicrop

It is made from the Finest seaweeds. It is made of 100% organic materials. According to the company, it is a non-polluting and renewal resource.

I personally used it, it is very safe and best for my hydroponics plants. I am using a hydroponics system from Idoo.

Why should you buy

  1. It contains micro-nutrients that are easily absorbed by the plants without any chemical decomposition needed.
  2. According to the University study report, seaweed improved the yield and production organically.

2. General Hydroponics Flora Series

Best organic hydroponic fertilizer for Easy Growth 2
Source: Flora Series

It is very popular in the USA to provide the organic fertilizer to the indoor plants. It is easily bought from online and offline stores.

It comes with Nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and a combination of chelated micronutrients.

The popular products from the flora series are Floramicro 5-0-1 and Floragro 2-1-6.

3. Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate is a premium organic fertilizer. It is a very useful fertilizer for hydroponics plants.

According to the company,


  • 4 tablespoons (60 mL) per gallon (4L) of water every other watering.


  • 1/2 cup (120mL) per gallon (4L) of water once per week.


  • 1 tablespoon (15 mL) per gallon (4 L) of water once per week during the early stages of plant growth.
  • Do not apply while plants are in direct light.


  • 1 tablespoon (15 mL) per gallon (4 L) of water every other watering.

4. Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow

Best organic hydroponic fertilizer for Easy Growth 3

It comes in three varieties. All three are made of natural mineral which is extracted from natural materials.

You can use it in your hydroponics growing system. It is very useful when the plant starts germination. OR you can use it after the transplant to the system.

5. Age Old Organics Bloom

Best organic hydroponic fertilizer for Easy Growth 4
Source: Ageold

It costs around 17 USD to 50 USD. Actually, I am not used yet. But I read many reviews of it. According to the people, it gives very good results after using it.

Here are the nutrients detailed which are soluble in the bottle

Total Nitrogen (N)……….5%
1.0% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
4.0% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate(P2O5)……….10%
Soluble Potash(K2O)……….5%
Micronutrients Expressed As Elements
Boron (B)……….0.02%
Copper (Cu)………0.05%
Iron (Fe)……….0.10%
Manganese (Mn)………0.05%
Molybdenum (Mo)………0.0005%
Zinc (Zn)………0.05%

The 5 Best Organic Hydroponic Fertilizers on Amazon

1. Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer

It is formulated with a mix of fish bone meal, seaweed extract, and different helpful natural elements. This fertilizer is designed particularly for hydroponic growing systems.

It is a very good product having more than 4+ ratings on Amazon.

2. General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack

The Basic Hydroponics Flora Collection Efficiency Pack provides a complete resolution for hydroponic nutrient administration.

With three major nutrient formulations, this pack gives a balanced ratio of vitamins to assist plant growth through all development phases. It comes in organic fertilizer with a balanced mixture of nitrogen and potassium.

3. FoxFarm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer

FoxFarm’s Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer is a pure and natural possibility that’s well-suited for hydroponic gardening.

It is enriched with earthworm castings and bat guano, this fertilizer stimulates microbial exercise within the root zone, selling nutrient uptake and enhancing general plant well-being. These compact, pre-measured pods comprise a potent mix of natural vitamins, offering a slow-release components that repeatedly nourish crops over time.


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