Free Lynda SEO Tutorial: Strategies for Boosting Website Rankings

Lynda SEO Tutorial is one of the finest online tutorials paid website for users. Lynda helped to Improve your search engine rankings with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques from the experts.?

Lynda’s tutorial helps users with “how search engines work” and explores best-performing keyword research, evaluating on-page ranking factors, increasing page rank, and getting help to rank on Google. acquire by Linkedin, now it is Linkedin Learning owned by Microsoft.

About is a leading online learning platform. It helps to understand business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. 

Now it is Acquired by the LinkedIn Learning

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?Introduction to Free Lynda SEO tutorial

Lynda is an online tutorial site that provides the best online courses to users. Outside USA pricing of the courses is quietly high.

Lynda’s SEO tutorial provides some useful tips that are very helpful to rank on Google’s first page. The strategy helps to putting your effort and identifying keywords and mapping them to your websites.

online tutorial
Lynda SEO tutorial

Understanding SEO

Before We start, we have to understand some basic terms about SEO so our works become easy. SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. It is very helpful to get traffic from Google. 

The article also discusses some of the recent changes in Google?s algorithm that affect SEO, such as the focus on usability and user experience. 

The article advises website owners to align their SEO strategies with Google?s ultimate goal of providing the best answers to users? questions.

Explanation of what SEO is and how it works

Importance of SEO in driving traffic to websites

  1. Google SEO helps to understand how Google thinks when considering ranking websites on 1st page.
  2. SEO helps us to improve the visibility and ranking of websites on search engines. Google is only one search engine, same help to ranking on other search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGO, yahoo, etc.
  3. You can not only rank blog posts but also rank images on Google pages. Images are also one of the main ranking methods. 
  4. SEO help to choose the best SEO  keyword that has low competition and high volume.

Overview of different SEO techniques

  1. Keyword research- help to Identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for your WordPress.
  2. On-page optimization- helps to Optimize your website?s content such as structure, and HTML tags, URLs to make it more search engine friendly and user-friendly.
  3. Off-page optimization- helps to Build high-quality backlinks from other websites. It increases the authority of the websites. 
  4. Local SEO- helps to Optimize your website and online presence in local searches by targeting Local keyword methods.
  5. Content marketing- helo to Create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that attracts your target audience.
  6. Social media marketing- helps to Promote your content and website on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more platforms to increase brand awareness, traffic, and engagement.
  7. Mobile optimization- helps to Optimize your website?s design that is responsive for mobile devices to improve its usability and accessibility.
  8. Influencer marketing: Collaborating with influencers or bloggers in your industry to promote your brand and reach new audiences.

Google approved SEO

According to various research, Google never approves and encloses any SEO Techniques. However, Google provides guidelines and make policy for webmaster to follow, to improve the website’s visibility and ranking.

These policies are related to SEO that covers a wide range of topics, such as content quality, relevance, no duplicates of posts, website structures, and accessibility.

Google also focuses on Mobile friendliness and page speed. 

These guidelines help to improve the website’s rankings on Google search engines.

Dynamic content SEO

Dynamic content SEO is also an important factor in ranking on Google. It refers to the process or method to create a website blog that changes depending on the visitor?s behavior.

It is all about your content to match the needs of the user’s demand in real time. 

For more read on my website please search about Dynamic Content SEO. Dynamic content can help improve your website?s SEO by providing more relevant and engaging content to users, reducing bounce rates, increasing time on site, and improving conversion rates.

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online tutorial

Technical SEO for WordPress

It refers to the optimization of the WordPress website according to Google ranking factors. It helo to optimize of website?s structure such as URLs, designs, Metal descriptions, Blog post titles, and how to optimize images in your websites.

Technical SEO can include optimizing your website?s speed, performance, security, mobile-friendliness, site architecture, URL structure, schema markup, meta tags, sitemaps, internal linking, and more.

Lynda SEO Tutorial

Explanation of the topics covered in the tutorial

  1. Debund the SEO Myth
  2. Keyword Research Method
  3. How to choose the best keyword
  4. Creating content your our websites
  5. On page SEO
  6. Off-page SEO- Link building
  7. Technical websites
  8. Negative SEO
  9. Improve the speed of the website
  10. Leading your knowledge about SEO

Benefits of using Lynda SEO tutorial for learning SEO

  •  Coat effective- LYNDA SEO tutorial is often free, has online access, and is low cost.
  • Self-paced- You can learn when you are free and according to your convenience.
  • Comprehensive tutorial- You can learn all terms in one tutorial
  • Up-to-date – Lates content available in the Lynda SEO COURSE so keep you in touch with Google ranking. 
  • Accessible- SEO tutorials are available online and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Practical Approach- SEO tutorials provide practical tips and advice that you can implement on your website or blog right away.

How to get free Lynda SEO Tutorial

There are 3 method 

  1. Linkedin learning website 
  • Go to the Linkedin learning website and search SEO Tutorial. Filter Free content and search.
  • You get free courses on the page
  1. Torrent
  • Go to any torrent website and search latest SEO course. 
  • Then download it.
  1. Search these websites and download
  • Go to a website that is shown in the images. These are websites that provide the latest SEO course free of cost.
  • click on it and change the language to yours.
lynda free coures
Lynda courses

The alternative of Lynda SEO Coursed

  • Udemy SEO free courses is an excellent website that provides free and paid courses to users. Download the Udemy app and search SEO and filter-free.
  • You get tons of free courses about SEO.
  • The benefits of Udemy you can get a cheap course that is best in class. No compromise with quality. You can get here free Udemy seo free courses

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