How to protect credit card and online payment on Chrome

This article all about how to protect credit card or debit card detail on browsers like Firefox and Chrome on the Web or Windows 10. Many people have a concern about how to protect credit card or online detail from the hackers when we make payment online by the Browser like Chrome and Firefox. To know about how can make safe online payment? and credit card tips.

Know about the website or Website Reputation

When you buy or purchase something on the unknown or first time, then you have to check the status of the website. I will show you how to check Website Reputation or know about the website.

There are many ways to check the status of any website. There are many plugins available on the Chrome web store or Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Use one of them. Ther are WOT, Avast online security, Ghostery, etc.

if you install one of these plugins, it will warn you when you open a malicious website. Don’t open and do not a payment for these websites.

Check SSL certificate or check Lock security on Search war in any browser.

Check the SSL certificate of a website which you will pay. How to Check the SSL certificate of a website? Check the below images.

SSL certificate, SSL certificate of a website
SSL certificate of a website

Click on lock, if say Connection is secure then you will pay. If it will say, Connection is not secure then you have a risk. You may lose your credit card detail on the web. Also, your data on the browser can steal by hackers.

Don’t ignore this warning. In the future Chrome browser will block the website that has no SSL certificate.

Do not save Credit card detail on Autofill

When we made the payment online, often the chrome or Firefox browser save your credit card detail on the Password manager.

if anybody can know your password like your friend, they can steal your information from the browser.

nothing save on the web, hackers always find the way to steal the account detail specially Finacial detail. So they can steal from your browser.

Update your Browser before payment

Update everything like browser or install security patches on the operating system like android, windows 10 or MAC. Sometimes new operating system updates have bugs or technical errors. they help to breach our data by the hackers.

Do not install Cracked software

If you have a business or do online payment for your business then never use cracked software. When we install pirated software they also install malware on our system like Trojans, viruses.

Also, they can install malicious plugins in the browser. You have seen when we install software, they will install plugins in the browser without our permission

When we open the browser, the new homepage opens. This malicious software changes our homepage setting. They can be risky for our business so do not install cracked software.

Do not use Public WiFi

Public WiFi is always risky because we don’t know who is the actual provider of the Public WiFi service for us.

Hackers also set up a free Public WiFi network near Public Places like the name of shops, malls, coffee shops.

Why Public WiFi is not safe for payment

When we use the internet on Public wifi, our data goest to the WiFi Reuter. So Internet providers can see our data through their server. That’s why Public WiFi is not considered as Safe.

Use Trusted VPN

VPN service encrypted our data on any server. So nobody can steal our online detail. There are many VPN like Nord VPN, HotspoT Shiels, Avast Secure Line VPN, etc.

Add another layer of security

I am talking about Enabling a two-factor authentication like OTP with the help of Mobile number or Email Id.

While you allow a two-factor authentication code, you’re simply including one other step (comparable to being requested a safety query that only you’d know the reply to or sending a code by way of electronic mail or textual content message to your self as extra verification) in order that others trying to achieve entry to your account can’t.

Is it safe to pay by credit card online?

Yes, always use a credit card over Debit Card. If anybody can steal your money through a Credit card, it is the responsibility of the bank to provide security to you.

Credit card bills are paid only after the month if there is fraud with you then you can have a complaint in the bank. That means your money is safe.

How can you protect your credit card from hackers?

I explain everything about How can you protect your credit card from hackers? Read the above articles.

What is the safest way to pay online?

  • First, you have to know which method you will use for payment. Paypal or credit card is one of the safest methods for payment.
  • where you want to pay- Do not pay on the malicious website.

What is the safest method of payment?

I always considered Paypal for my purchase. If any fraud happens with me, Paypal provides protection against the fraud. After the inspection, Paypal returns the full amount.


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