Why Chrome show not secure websites. To know more Https vs Http-2020

HTPP vs HTTPS are the same things but in case of security, both are different. HTTP refers to the not secure website and content. Whereas HTTPS refers to the secure connection for the website. HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an updated and secure version of the previous (HTTP.) standard.

Google Chrome will soon block websites with HTTP.


What is HTTPS vs HTTP?

HTTP refers to HyperText Transfer Protocol, if it comes with S, then we can say Secure.

HTTP sets the rule which monitors on the www and regulates the transfer data and set standard rules for web browser and servers to communicate.

Whereas HTTPS is a highly secure and new version of the HTTP. It encrypted the data and the server which a Browser communicates during browsing. This task is done with SSL certificate which locks the data which means no hackers steal during communication.

HTTPS allows a secure path between the server and the users while on the browser. That’s is the reason, all current Browser recommends the website with HTTPS. This feature generally protects your sensitive data on the web.

Advantage of HTTP

Basically HTTP is more quickly than HTTPS because it can store cache memory on computer and internet, so it’s working quickly.

Easly access everywhere.

Advantage of HTTPS

Its work with SSL certificate, which is secured your data on the web. In future, Google will block every website with HTTP.

No fear of sign up, you can safely login the website.

Why website with HTTP is not Secure?

Actually, those website has no SSL certificate or their server is not encrypted, they coms in HTTP. Website’s server is not encrypted that mean hacker easily access the users’ data.

HTTP server not using any secure socket layer like SSL which means your data not locked and easily accessible by any person.

Reasons to use Https website over HTTP

Secure your banking

Remember one thing, never transfer the money on HTTP website. Your password, Pin and Banking details easily cracked by the hackers.

You see, when we access the Http website, Google Chrome warn us do not access the website and show us “not secure website”. Google helps us to secure our data online that’s why force us.

HTTPS is more secure for the owner

Not for users, owner stored their all website data on the web servers. Which one the wrong move, the website’ owner can lose all their data. SSL secure both data for users as well as owners.

HTTPS authenticates the server

We can easily access servers with HTTPS. We don’t need to worry about our data on websites with HTTPS.

Types of SSL/TLS

Domain Validation

It is the type when owners apply the SSL certificate to the domain. This SSL certificate buys from the Issuer, it may be free or Paid. Cloudflare is the best way to get an SSL certificate.

Organization Validation

This is not only validated Domain but also issue to the owner identified.

What is SSL?

SSL represent the term Secure Socket Layer, is an encryption-based technology which secures the website server. It was first introduced by Netscape in 1995 which is the main purpose of securing privacy, authentication and data integrity in internet communication.

How SSL works?

The main purpose of SSL is to provide a high degree of privacy, SSL locked the data with an encrypted key which is transmitted across the web. Which means only those persons access your data, which is used legal way to get your data.

SSL handshake between two communication services to ensure the data safe.

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