what virus protection is best for windows 10 and FAQ-2020

what virus protection is best for windows 7 and FAQ-2020

Today’s virus causes a threat to us, not even security also it slows down the performance of our system. Windows 10 is a popular OS that is used by billions of people that’s why it is a favourite Operating system for hackers. Don’t worry I will explain everything about Virus Protection in this article so read it.
Virus not just damage our system’s file also slow down our pc performance. There are many ways to get viruses in Windows 10. Virus is just a type of malware, malware has many types, We don’t even know many of them. We can’t ignore the Protection of the device. When our pc or laptop is slow, most people reinstall the Windows, but it is not a permanent solution.

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Many people even many companies lost money from the virus attack. Actually, when a virus attack happened, most of the people have not knowledge and Protection about what to do when the virus attack happens.
In fact, nobody safe on the web even the biggest Companies. So we have to do built a Protection wall against hackers’ attack. Stay tuned with the articles.

In this Articles
Tips that will protect your Windows 10
Best virus protection software 2020
Frequently asked questions

Tips that will protect your Windows 10

1. Use Firewall

Many free firewalls offer the best protection against viruses.

  • Zonealarm Free Firewall gives full control on firewall against the Malwares, it will monitor all inbound and outbound activities in the Windows 10. Windows 10 firewall provides basic Protection but Zonealarm free firewall is easy to use and warn when malicious activities happened in our pc.
  • Advanced features
Firewall software monitors the behaviour of software within the system when it spots any malicious activities it block automatically. It helps us against inbound and outbound attacks.
  • WiFi PC Protection
Firewall software like Zonealarm build a shield to hackers identify thieves and other online threats when you connect Open WiFi networks.
  • Zonealarm monitors the traffic entering and exiting your computer network, making your PC invisible to hackers.

2. Keep all software update

Keep your software up to date, it is the best habit when we use a computer. Software bugs can create a problem for us.

3. Install every security updates from Microsoft

Microsoft provides every month cumulative Updates and security patches to Windows users. It fixes many vulnerability within the operating system.
Also, Microsoft provides malware removal tools updates every month so keep up to date.

4. Use Trusted antivirus

Use an Antivirus like Avast, Kaspersky or any other software. Avast is known for the best security suite that Protects our operating system.

5. Use Trusted Web browser like Chrome, Firebox

We most of our time spend on the browser and it is the way to entering the malware in the system. Chrome and Firefox itself a very secure Browser, they block every way of virus for their users.
Don’t use website with Http server, because they unsecured and your information easily hacked by the attackers. Many of sites install malware or offer software that has malware.

6. do not install pirated software

Mostly software is very costly that’s why we use prorated software. But we cannot ignore pc security because we can lose money if the virus delete our files or personal data. Don’t compromise with security.

Best Virus Protection software 2020


1. Windows Security formerly knows as Microsoft Defender

Microsoft offers the best free Antivirus names Windows Security in Windows 10. It has all the features which are provided by the paid Antivirus. More than 30% pc has Windows security, so you don’t worry when you use Windows security application.

2. Avast 2020


When we talk about antivirus, we just heard the name Avast. Avast is the most popular free Antivirus in the world. But free Antivirus comes with limited features, we cannot stop all types of malware with the Free Antivirus. Avast is not costly, you can afford it. 

Avast is awarded winning security software, it provides complete protection to their users. It block not only traditional virus, but also ransomware, spyware, wifi thread and many more.
Also, Avast offers free browser and add-ons to the Chrome browser. It checks every website when you are browsing. It warns you when it found malicious activities in your Browser.
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3. Kaspersky free or paid

Kaspersky also offers free Antivirus to the Windows 10 users. But it is not enough to protect your Windows. If you want to protect your system you need to buy their premium software.
It blocks viruses, hacker’s activities, and the latest ransomware.
It prevents online malicious activities and trackers in your system.
Also, it offers VPN service to the users that encrypted your data.


It is another best-trusted Antivirus is available on the web. It also offers free Antivirus for Windows 10 users for a long time.
It blocks the latest virus, spyware, ransomware before it comes in your system.
It monitors all activity when you are online or offline. if any malicious activity happen it block automatically.
it also monitor your Wi-Fi network on block thread coming through it.

Also use Second software Anti-malware

Today’s if you have to build strong protection against viruses you need not just only antivirus also we need a second line of anti-virus. it will work perfectly with your main antivirus.

1. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is the most popular antimalware on Windows 10. It blocks almost all the latest antivirus. You don’t need to why is a premium version if you use already Antivirus.
it is lightweight so don’t worry about your PC performance. It Block almost all-new thread which cannot be detected by the antivirus.

2. Hitman pro

Hitman Pro is another best antivirus software but it is not free. What you can use its trial version to delete the viruses which are present on your PC.
Hitman pro comes with cloud technology, it works online and it is very strong against the viruses.

Other ways of virus protection

To assist all Windows customers, including those who are not running Windows Security, Microsoft provides several malware removal solutions.

Windows Defender Offline

Windows Defender Offline runs in the safe mode and disable all software you install. It is the best method to delete software sometimes virus is attached to software and not detected by the antivirus. So windows offline scanner are the best way to delete them.

It is available inside the Microsoft Defender or Windows security application.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

The Malicious Software Remove Tool is regularly updated through Windows Update and automatically works with new security patches. You can also download from the Microsoft website and install it manually in Windows 10.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner provides Cloud-based Security to the windows users. It is specially designed to find Malware in the system.
It detect hides malware in the system and delete it. It is a portable virus scanner from Microsoft.

Frequently Asked question

Is your information at risk on the internet?

If we use the internet, hackers always try to steal your information. Always our information at risk on the web.
No even individual person, also companies’ personal date always at the risk.

How to stop Ransomware attack.

Ransomware is very dangerous because it locked the data by hackers. To unlock the data, we have to pay money to the hackers.
But various software which is helps us to prevent ransomware attack in our system.
Always turn on Ransomware Protection in Windows Security application in Windows 10.

How to delete adware in Windows 10?

Adwares are also known as malicious advertising software. It shows ads when we offline and force us to install malicious software in the system.
Malwarebyte offers free ADW cleaner as a software. It is free and delete all malicious software in one click.

Which is the Best Browser for Windows 10?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is the most popular and trusted Browser in the World. It check all activities of the website and blocked if they are virus.
You can use add-on that available in the chrome store that also helps us to block virus while we are browsing.

What is the best free Antivirus for Windows 10?

1.Windows Security
2. Avast free antivirus
3. Avira Free Antivirus
4. Panda Free Antivirus
5. Malwarebyte
6. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus and free firewall.

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