PC gaming vs Console Gaming- Facts and Which is best and FAQ-2020

PC gaming vs Console Gaming- Facts and Which is best and costly and FAQ-2020

Many People wants to know about which device is best for gaming Android or PC or Console. Every device has some benefits over the other. Today’s android is the best place for gamer and gaming developer but if we talk about experience or graphics, android is far behind the console or PC gaming. I will discuss the only PC vs Console.

PC vs Console

 PC gaming or Console Gaming- Which is best and costly? 

Why PC graphics is better than Xbox or PS? If you want to know read below and FAQ section. 


When we talk about Gaming Title including AAA games, millions of games are available in the PC market. But many Play Station exclusive like God Of war is not available in PC Market. Nowadays, many or upcoming exclusive Title of XBOX also will be available on PC. 


If we talk about graphic, you can get much better graphics on the PC and your graphics may be improving with costly hardware. There are no matches among the mobile devices, console and PC. The console comes with AMD customised CPU and GPU and cost around $500. We cannot build Gaming PC around $500. 

PC vs Console
PC vs Console


Current time, Console provides up to 4K gaming experience and in future, it provides up to 8K. But it’s not best if we talk about PC 4K and 8K experience. in console gaming graphics customised for the hardware.


PC vs Console

The price of any device depends upon its hardware. A gaming PC required better components than a normal PC. Games in pc required best CPU and GPU so PC is costly than a Console. The price of Nvidia and AMD’s GPU for PC is almost similar to a brand new Xbox One or PS4
The console is the best option for those users who don’t have much budget. The console is cheaper than a Gaming PC. The price of the best PC’s GPU is almost similar or higher than a console. If we want a good Gaming PC, then we have to build ownself. Every part of the PC is not cheap then we think.
In PC we can download free games or install almost all new title free. But we have to buy games for the console. So this is a major difference in PC vs Console. The price of console Games around 50$. So I suggest you build a PC because we can install free games.

Games’ Pricing:

If we talk about physical gaming price or CD games, both are almost similar on PC and Console.
But there is a huge benefit of PC gaming, we can get free games on many websites but it is a virus risk. Even many online web store like Steam offer a huge discount on many games. 

Exclusive’s Title

In fact, there is no winner in the exclusive games because some games are available on PC OR XBOX and SOME Games are available only on PlayStation. But you can play PLAYSTATION’S exclusive in PC by the emulator. Almost every exclusive of XBOX now available on PC because of both platforms owned by MICROSOFT.

Backwards Compatibility

Forget about backward compatibility on Console. We can play almost all old even console games in PC. PC is a winner in this section.


In 2020 Sony and Microsoft will be launching its next-generation console. But PC hardware will be the same for the upcoming title. So I suggest a new game, build a new PC with powerful hardware because it can play any games that will launch in future.
In future, the Gaming industry going to streaming games. Google launched its product Google Stadia that will able to play online games with streaming. It works like streaming video. 

Advantage of PC over Console

1. The upgrade is easy in PC
PC is very easy to repair and upgrade than a Console. You cannot play next-generation console’s games on the old Console but you can in PC. 
2. High Graphics Quality
Quality of Graphics on PC is improving with the costly hardware.
3. You can decorate with lightings
4. Multiple-use
We can use PC for browsing, photo and video editing or many tasks. But we cannot use a console for multiple tasks.
5. You can play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBOX one games
6. Vast library

FAQ about PC gaming vs Console Gaming- Facts and Which is best and FAQ-2020

PC vs Console
PC vs Console

1. Why Pc has a huge gaming library?

The gaming developer creates games for users to generate money. Billions of people use Windows operating system that’s why PC has a huge gaming library like Android.

2. Why the PC is Better Than Console?

PC offers a better experience, upgradeability, customization and pricing than a console. Also, PC has a huge number of games of every Gerne.

3. Which is a cheaper console or PC gaming?

If you buy a hardware, obviously Console is cheaper than PC. But including Games pricing console is much costlier than PC.

4. PC or console more popular?

PC is more popular than console in the world. After mobile, PC is the most popular gaming platform, but in the experience, PC is far ahead tha mobile devices.

5. Which CPU and GPU used in a console?

Mostly Sony and Microsoft chose Amd customised hardware for their console. Amd CPU and GPU are cheaper and fully optimised for the console gaming.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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