How to Protect Website from Hackers and other malicious attacks and FAQ-2020

How to Protect your Website from Hackers and other malicious attacks and FAQ-2020

Let me ask a question to you, what is your feeling when you heard about popular phishing websites. This is the cruel truth about the web, nobody fully secure on the internet, even the most prominent companies. Every day hackers finding new ways to find the weakness of the website. I will discuss you about How to Protect Website in 2020 from Hackers? if any malware found on your website, your web hosting company will suspend your site or even worse maybe it is disappeared on the internet. Sometimes you cannot recover the data loss from the hacking your website.
Protecting a website is user responsibility so you have knowledge about the latest attack on the web. Ther are many ways to protect your website without taking any help from others. Read the full articles so you can build a safe website.

  • how to improve website security
  • Other more important steps to protect your website from attackers.
  • Best popular paid service to protect your WEBSITE
  • Frequently asked questions.
How to Protect Website 2020
How to Protect Website 2020

how to improve website security

1. Enable Automatically or manually backup your website every weak

Make a habit to regularly backup your website even your essential files on the pc. For pc, you can use many free as well as paid software for backup your data. But in case of a website, there are many ways to backup your data. You can manually backup your data by plugins or CPanel backup features. Many web hosting takes extra charges for automatically backup your data. If we have backup data, we can quickly recover your website without any trouble.
Why we have to choose automatically backup feature over manually backup?
In fact, almost automatically backup features are paid but manually backup features are free. Many times, you can forget to make a backup your website or many users don’t back up the data. So you have no tension about backup your website. The auto-backup feature does your data backup automatically.

2. Keep up-to-date your software and CMS service

CMS service like WordPress gives you a notification after new update available, so don’t ignore the latest update of plugins and WordPress. If you are not a technical person, take help from Google. Or you can take help from your Web hosting provider.

3. Don’t use a weak password and regularly update it.

Have you known about brute force attack? If no, please read it on y website. It is the best way to crack your password if your password is very old and weak. I know the strong or lengthy password is difficult to remember. SO I suggest you, please use Lastpass, Avast Password manager like apps.

5. Encrypt your server

A server is a place or harddisk where your website is stored on the web. It is a physical data centre provided by web hosting companies.

How to Protect Website 2020
How to Protect Website 2020

Simply encryption server locked your website’s data with encryption keys. It is not an easy task to hack your website. So this is a very important task to secure your website from being hacked. SSL become an important factor in the Google rankings factors because of users data also safe on the encrypted website

How to encrypt your server?

Answers are, by the SSL certificate. Almost all web hosting Companies provide SSL certificate, some takes extra money, and some provide free with your plan. Actually, SSL locked your server files, so nobody can track your data even steal your website. Nobody intercepts your data by the hackers. Why SSL is so important? read here

Switch to Https from Http?

This is a common problem asked by the users how to switch https from HTTP?
When you set up an SSL certificate on your website, please enable the features Rewrite with https automatically. Or use Really Simple SSL plugins on your WordPress website. It will solve your problem.

5. Setting a firewall on your website

Settings a firewall is the same task like install an antivirus on the Windows 10 or PC. Itis continually monitor and check your website code. If it finds any malicious code on your website, it stops before enter your website.
How to set up a firewall on your website?
Read the FAQ section below the article.

How to Protect Website 2020Other more important steps to protect your website from attackers.

  • Change login details time to time
  • Hide your admin pages to avoid you visible on search engine
  • Setup limit attempts
  • Limit file upload: set the limit file upload on your server so nobody uploads the file on your website.
  • Don’t ignore errors message

Best popular paid service to protect your WEBSITE

Sitelock is a website Security and protection service. It automatically protects your website against cyber attack. Sitelock protect over 12 million sites around the world according to the company. Sitelock is one of the most popular Company which protects you from hackers. It is not cheap it is especially for those who have well setup business or biggest can more about on their official website.

How to Protect Website 2020

Frequently asked questions about How to Protect your Website from Hackers and other malicious attacks

Why Website security so important?

  • Because of Google ranking factor- Google does not allow an unsecured website
  • you cannot earn or progress your website
  • your Webhosting company suspend your website

How to set up a firewall on your website?

There are many plugins available on the WordPress store. Best plugins are
1. Wordfence security: it is free as well as paid plugins. It provides basic protection for free plans. You can buy paid service for extra security.
2. Jetpack: Jetpack is a security plugin from WordPress itself. It is free as well as the paid version.

How to setup the limit login attempt?

It is done by the plugin. Install the Limit login attempt in the plugin add a new section and activate it. So hackers cannot log in after the failed login attempt.

What are the security risks for a website?

The main security risks of a website include malicious code, poor access controls, and server resource exploitation.

How to secure your website from viruses?

Use security plugins like Itheme security or Wordfnce security plugins. It is specially designed for preventing the malware on your website.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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