Best Plugins to protect your website in the WordPress and FAQ-2020

Best Plugins to protect your website in the WordPress and FAQ-2020

To secure a website is the biggest challenge for everyone whether it is an organisation or personal blog. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world so hackers first target on WordPress. Million of a website hosted on WordPress. This is the main reason of hacking, hackers are also more interested to hack your website. Hackers finding new ways to crack your website to earn money. If you want to save your website for a long time, you must use these plugins to make it secure. I will discuss about Best Plugins to protect your website

In the past years, thousands of website hacked by hackers. They ruined your hard work on the website with one hack. So it is the biggest challenge to secure your website on the web. Many web hosting provides the best security to your web hosting plan but trusts me your website’s security is on your hand.

How hackers hack a website?

DDOS attack distributed denial of service attack

It is the best method to hack your website by hackers. 
In the DDOS attack, hackers send the malware to disturb your normal traffic. It tries to jam your traffic to down your website. We already know our website handle a limited number of traffic, hackers send junk bots on your website. This makes our website offline. It can be done by your competitors to down your traffic or disturb your business.

XSS attack

It is known as Cross-Site Script attack. It is done when a malicious script is injected in the website. Hackers send malicious code by the web application in the form of a browser-side script.

other ways to hack a website

  • Web application Vulnerability
  • DNS cache poisoning
  • SQL injection


1. ITheme Security

Best Plugins to protect your website

It is a plugin best known for firewall, malware scanner and brute force protection. It is capable of preventing malware, brute force protection and hide login page. It is available in the Addon plugins section in WordPress. It scans the entire website and finds a vulnerability in your website. It can also block IP address which is trying to hack your website. This is also having Recaptcha integration.
Price Free and Pro version are also available. Start 120$ per year.

2. Scuri 

Best Plugins to protect your website

It clean and protect the website from hackers. It is one of the best security plugins in WordPress. It is free as well as the paid version available in the market. The paid version starts from $199. The free version is capable of scanning the area in your website. Also, it is coming with the Firewall, the firewall helps you to block the incoming thread. The paid version helps you to boost your website speed and provide CDN protection.
Price Free and Start from $ 199

3. Wordfence

Best Plugins to protect your website

Wordfence is a very popular free malware scanner, firewall plugins available in WordPress. It has a powerful malware scanner which automatically scans your website for threads. 
Price free And Start from $99 per year.

4. All in one WordPress security 

It is another popular and powerful plugins for the websites. It is auditing, monitoring the activities on your website and identify it. It blocks the malware in your website.
Price Free and Paid

5. Bulletproof Security

It takes cares your website from various things with Firewall features. It monitoring login attempt, database security and many more in your website. It limits the login attempt which safe you from brute force protection. It regularly checking the WordPress code files in your website to find malware.

6. Anti Malware security

It is useful Website anti Malware security plugins available in WordPress. It comes with a malware scanner which scans the threads.

7. 6Scan Security

6Scan Security is popular auto-fix protection for your WordPress site. It can protect your website from hackers. It offers rule-based protection for your website and tries to keep the security of your website up to date.

Manually method to secure your website

  • Always keep up-to-date software, WordPress and plugins
  • Don’t ignore errors message in your website
  • Don’t upload cracked theme and website. In my first website, I used cracked Theme my account suspended due to malicious activities.
  • Enable limited login attempt

FAQ Best Plugins to protect your website

Why choose firewalls like Wordfence or ITheme?

Firewall filter the traffic and activities that happened on your website. So it is important security features.
Best Plugins to protect your website

Is malware scanner enough or protection?

Today’s there are many new techniques are available to crack your website so only malware scanner is not enough to secure your website.

Do I need a WordPress security plugin? 

According to me, yes or no. Yes for it adds up your security.
No for, sometimes it is not working fine with your website. It slowdown your server even your website can crash.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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