WordPress vs blogger vs Wix: Which is best for users? and {FAQ}-2020

WordPress vs blogger vs Wix: Which is best for users.

  • The important point which is best for you
  • FAQ about Which is best for users
  • Pros And Cons of Blogger and WordPress
  • Why you should use WordPress And Bluehost

WordPress and Blogger are very popular and free of cost. Blogger is a service from Google and totally free of charge. We can make a website in WordPress without any cost, but we face many problems in the free web hosting. WordPress is the world most popular websites builder, but so many its alternative is present on the web. Blogger and Wix is another popular alternative to WordPress. WordPress and Blogger are easy to use than other CMS builder. Also, WordPress and Wix Wix offers a self-hosted website with limited storage, but Google Blogger provides to the user’s free unlimited storage. But that doesn’t mean the blogger is better than others. We discuss some major point that gives an idea to you about WordPress vs blogger vs Wix: Which is best for users?

WordPress vs blogger vs Wix
WordPress vs blogger vs Wix

1. Ease of Use

If you want to ask me which website builder has a simple and easy to navigate dashboard, definitely my answer is Blogger. You don’t need to require much knowledge about how to make a website online?. 
Blogger does not offer too many features, and plugins but Wix and WordPress provides a variety of features which make our work easy.
But features by, WordPress has an advantage over other websites builder because thousands of free website theme and plugins are available in the Store. You can work even simple work by the plugin. In the blogger, there is very simple or old fashioned theme offers by the Bloggers. Wix does not provide too many templates or theme, but it is beautiful.
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The cost of the website depends on the traffic or visitors on it. If your site has a large number of visitors, then you have to buy a web hosting plan to maintain a website. Also, You have to purchase an SSL certificate to secure your website. Wix and WordPress both offer free site, trust me you can’t earn money through free service provided by the Wix and WordPress. Wix and WordPress also offer free service but provides only 5 GB data storage, and you don’t apply Google Adsense account in free service.

Add the extra cost for buying a Domain because Your website doesn’t complete with domain and web hosting. Blogger offers both of free.

If you have web hosting, then the running costs depend on your web hosting plans. If you want a totally free website platform or you don’t have money to start a blog the choose a Google Blogger. Blogger doesn’t charge any money for the blog even provides free unlimited storage to the users. 
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WordPress vs blogger vs Wix, WordPress, WordPress Logo, WordPress Icon, Blog

But there is a way to make a free website on WordPress, and you can add AdSense ads on it. Make an account on InfinityFree which is free Web hosting provider for a lifetime and also provide the free domain name. Also, provide unlimited storage system but limited CPU usage per day. Make a blog and work on it free.

3.Setup and maintenance

Setup cost and maintenance depend upon the features and functions for a particular website. Maintenance is not easy for the websites, especially for WordPress. Because the site builder does not provide SSL security for the users. We know that millions of attack attempts by the hackers in a single day, so we need a security wall for the websites.
WordPress and Wix offer all of its premium tools in the premium plans with monthly fees. WordPress itself is free to download and easy to set up to the web hosting space. Some web hosting companies provide 1 click WordPress installation services for their users. Free themes and free plugins from the WordPress provided by the official store.

4. Security

Without security, your website does not survive on the web. Unsecured website, Google can block your website on the search engine. In fact, your website stored on the google server so not possible to hack google servers. In the case of WordPress, users buy Web hosting from their website and your responsibility to secure your website.
Blogger offers free SSL encryption for all blogger’s website. In the case of WordPress, we have to buy an SSL certificate, which is free as well as paid. If you want a powerful SSL encryption, it may be around 100$ per month or even more.

WordPress vs blogger vs Wix


Pros And Cons of Blogger and WordPress

Pros of blogger
  •  very quick and simple to get started to make a website
  • easy for learning 
  • You don’t need a web hosting plan
  • It’s lifetime free

Cons of Blogger:

  • The feature is very limited
  • you cannot make a website like a pro
  • plugins support are not here

Pros of WordPress:

  • easy for users those make a website like a pro
  • dashboard easy to navigate and easy to understand
  • Thousand of free theme and plugins are here

Cons of WordPress:

  • Starting a WordPress site, need money for buying web hosting and Domain

Why you should use WordPress And Bluehost

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FAQ about WordPress vs blogger vs Wix: Which is best for users.

Is it easy to build a website?

Yes, many online website builders offer a pre-built template for the users. We do add Name, select theme and choose a domain. Our website is ready.

Can I create a website without knowing how to code?

Absolutely, WordPress, blogger and Wix make it possible. Just select a theme for website and add Domain and you made a website without code.

How do I build and host my website for free?

1. Google Blogger is a 100% free website builder with web hosting. But features are very limited in blogger and you cannot maintain your website for a long time. Blogger is best for beginners, and those have no money to start a blog

2. Infinity Free is a free Webhosting provider, also provide you free domain name. You can make a free website from WordPress.

3. If you want to make a website with web 2.0, WordPress.com and Wix.com allow users to make a website directly from their website. You don’t need to buy web hosting. Both offer free up to 5 GB storage system to the free users.

How do I get my website found on Google and Bing?

If you are beginners, you have to register your website in Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tool. It is a free service. So your website will be visible in Google and Bing Search Engine.

How to make a website mobile and tablet friendly?

When you make a website online through the theme, please choose Responsive template. It is automatically changing itself when it is open in mobile devices.


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