Why we should not use public WiFi and how to stay safe on public WiFi? {FAQ}2020

Why we should not use public WiFi and how to stay safe on public WiFi? {FAQ}2020

  • Is Public WiFi is safe?
  • How to get access to your data by the hackers on WiFi
  • What makes WPS (WiFi protected setup) insecure?
  • Frequently Asked question about Public WiFi

WiFi is one of the best ways of accessing the internet for the devices when you are inside the home or outside the home. but when WiFi service own by you. It is secure, easy to connect internet wirelessly. When we are out of home, mostly we use Public Wireless in most places. But Public wireless networks are not as safe as we think. We will discuss Is Public WiFi is safe?
A public WiFi network is not a good option for getting internet on the devices. It is less private, secure than Home WiFi.  Because We don’t know about the owner of Public network or Who set up the Network for the public. Mostly Public wireless networks are free, So we don’t have any problem to get connect with it.

Why we should not use public WiFi, public WiFi
Why we should not use public WiFi 

Is public WiFi safe?

Typically PublicWiFi is unencrypted and these Types of WiFi you would find in Cofee shop, airport, hotel, mall, restaurant or any public areas. Actually unencrypted WiFi, we are visible on the network that means anybody accesses our information very easily. Hackers can easily access our data on the Public network. That’s means when we logging into any account like Gmail, Bank account, anybody can see our password or information on their device.

How to get access to your data by the hackers on WiFi

  • Evil Twin method

As the name Evil Twin, this method works like a twin network. Suppose we are in public places like restaurants, hackers provide public internet which name is approximately the same as the restaurant’s name. You could be logging-in to the WiFi network, which in fact is an Evil twin WiFi. Actually, It has been set up to look like an authentic but it gives access to your devices and data for the hackers.

  • Snooping and sniffing

Snooping and sniffing is another best way to access your data to hackers. Hackers use special type of apps or software or made a special software to monitor WiFi signals. These software monitor your activities and access everything about you which you are doing online. And it can steal your password of banking account or email account. 

  • Another reason for the unsafe of Public network is

If Reuter works in default setting, its password or DNS server maybe 0000 or 1111. That means WiFi is encrypted. Many Reuter has default WPS security setup.

Why we should not use public WiFi , public WiFi
Why we should not use public WiFi 

Is Wi-FI Protected Setup (WPS)  Insecure?

Almost the default setting of all Reuter set up as WPS protected setting. But WPS security one of the weak security for the WiFi Reuters. This is an insecure feature that will make the wireless network more vulnerable to attack.

  • What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup? 

Most wireless network setups as  WPA2-Personal or WPA2-PSK. PSK mean pre-shared key. You set up a password for accessing through the WiFi Reuter. That’s mean we can access the internet after putting the password in the device.

  • What makes WPS (WiFi protected setup) insecure?

WPS allows all users to access wireless network. Many apps available on the android’s hone that will connect the WiFi network without a password that having a WPS security set up. That is the main reason behind the insecure WPS set up.

how to stay safe on public wifi?

  • Don’t Give Away Too Much Info

Be aware when you signup for the Public Wireless network. Mainly Public Wireless internet is free to use. You just connect in the wifi settings. If it asked for too many details about you like phone number, your name, email account. I suggest you don’t give any detail about you but if you really want to connect the network then provide the wrong detail about you. 

  • Limit File Sharing

When you are on a public wireless network, cut off the file-sharing features on your device. On a Windows 10, go to Network and Sharing Center, then Change advanced sharing settings, then Turn off file and printer sharing.

  • Use a VPN
Why we should not use public WiFi, public WiFi

If you want to be safe on the Public Wireless network, install VPN software on the device. Basically, VPN service encrypted the data which send or receive within the wireless network. Many free VPNs application are available on the play store or Windows store. So nobody can access your data or information.

  • Use SSL connections

HTTPS or SSL connection are secure than ever. Many browsers warn you when we open websites without SSL connection. HTTP is insecure because it is unencrypted. So open websites with HTTPS, here “s” means secure websites.

Other tips to secure you on Public WiFi

  • Disable the auto-connect option in the WiFi networks setting.
  • Don’t use account that having sensitive data
  • Disable file sharing.
  • Don’t do banking transition on the Public internet
  • Install the latest security patches on the devices.
  • Use free VPN like Hotspot shield or Betternet VPN.

Frequently Asked question about Public WiFi

  • Why you should never use public Wireless?

Mostly Public WiFis are unencrypted that’s why our information or data like PIN, Password can be stolen by the hackers. I know, it is free that’s why we use wifi in public places. But in the digital world, we may have trouble with this. Hackers are very smart than we think. 

  • How to connect public WiFi on android device safe?

I suggest you use a VPN service on the android devices. VPN is free to use and secure your phone than ever. Because VPN encrypts your data that means nobody can access our data.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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