Do you know various types of malware and which type is more dangerous? 2020

Do you know various types of malware and which type is more dangerous? 

  • What is malware
  • List of malware
  • How to stop malware in windows 10
Malware becoming the biggest problem for every computer and phone users. Many Antivirus and anti-malware are available on the internet but it cannot detect newly made malware. Malware made for earning money to the hackers. It is a malicious software which installed in the system. It intent to harm the system for the users.

What is malware and types of malware? It is a software made by the hackers for the devices. It steals our data like password, banking details and much more. Millions of malware made for the operating system like Windows 10 and android. So we cannot safe from these attacks but we can solid our security by the various software.
types of malware
types of malware

Many types of malware


When we talk about the computer, also we talk about virus. Because virus interrupted your experience on the computer. Viruses have been found since the Computer start making. Many people don’t know about what is VIRUS? Virus is the type of malware or software that works without your permission. Generally, Viruses are the software which made for generating the money for hackers. Most viruses can be detected by almost antivirus software. 

They hide in our computer files, run background in the system. It looks like ordinary software which is installed in our system. Actually, virus is a program or code that attach itself to the software


the most popular form of malware in the recent time that is ransomware. Ransomware locked your system and encrypted all system files. If we want to unlock our system, we have to pay to the hackers to unlocking our system. All payment details shows in our system. after the successful payment, hackers unlock our system. But there is no guarantee, we will safe in the future.
Mostly payments done in the Bitcoin or digital currency. Mostly ransomware installed from the crack software or the spam emails.


The second most used malware is worms. The worms malware works the same as worm which multiplies itself after activate on the systems. Worms are small programs that replicate on the computer system and try to destroy the data as well as files on the systems. Usually, the main targets of worms are operating system files and work with these files. 

The main difference between viruses and worm is Virus installs in existing files whereas worms carry their own containers.

Trojans Horses

Have you watches movies” Troy.” These malware works the same as the hidden troops on the system.
A trojans are the malware that installs as genuine software on the system. It comes as the fake software or the copy of the software. It works in the background on the systems and give access to the cybercriminals to your pc or device by the network. It leaks your Ip address, personal information, password and banking details. It used to install keyloggers that captured your details.
After install the trojans malware, it works nothing in the system. After some time of installation, it activates and makes a bridge for the hackers to your device.


types of malware
types of malware

Keylogger is the type of spyware which specially made for accessing our keyboard details. It captured the details of our keywords, which key pressed on the keyword.
How can it be dangerous for you? 
It records our details about the keyboard. We mostly used the keyboard to write our password or username. It record your details and send it to the hackers.


Basically, adware means ad-supported software. It shows us various ads in our browser or the Windows 10. This software installed in our device without our permission and activates in the background. It recorded your activities within the system and shows the ads according to your interest. Sometimes it install malicious software in our systems that can steal your information. 


We know about Spyware because it famous as a virus. Most cybersecurity sells their product for anti-spyware. Many anti-spyware are available in the market.

Spyware made for spy the device. Its main purpose is” to track your Internet activities and send it to the cybercriminals. Spyware is also used to collect your information about us without their knowledge.

types of malwareRootkit

Rootkit is a collection of software which gives permission to the malware in your system. It works in the background so we can not detect it. Basically, it opens the door for various malware.


It linked with malvertising which enters through the advertisement. Exploits are the types of malware that spread through the bugs and vulnerabilities in a system and allow the exploit’s creator to enter in our operating system.

credit: Kaspersky antivirus

How to stop malware?

Most security software called as Antivirus. Antivirus specially made for preventing all kinds of malware in Windows 10 and android. 
  • Use an Antivirus such as Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, Windows defender
  • Do not install crack software or mod apps
  • Do not open spam emails
  • Do not install the old version of software
  • Keep update the apps


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