top 10 seo mistake you have to avoid it. FAQ and your common query About SEO 2020

top 10 SEO mistake you have to avoid it. FAQ and your common query About SEO 2020

  • The Top SEO Mistakes
  • The Top SEOs Tips that can boost your websites
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SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes

SEO becomes very important today than ever because there are millions of websites present on earth. These website,s owner want to get popular on Google. But Google has some parameters to rank the websites.
SEO is now very common on the internet. If our do not optimized well,  Google can punish our websites or block it on Search Console. I will share some major factors that you will prevent when you publish the post.
However, you need to avoid the SEO Mistakes if you want to make a solid foundation for your websites.
Personally, I learned more from my work instead of people. Because Sometimes we face a problem whose answer we do not get on the Internet. but I will share some factors are very common for every Blogger.

DON”T Over-Optimizing Your Site

    These terms are critical. Keywords Density and Stuffing Keywords in the SEO score. Stuffing keyword means in SEOs, do not use the same keyword more than 3-10% or your used keywords must be related to your post. Stuffing keywords maybe into your pages, tags, titles, and anchor text. Still, it is used by too many webmasters. Keyword stuffing impact on your ranking in Google.
    Keyword density is the percentage of the keyword appeared on a post divided by the total number of words on that page. Simply means Your Focus Keyword cannot repeat more than 4-5% in the post. For Example, my focus keyword in this post is ” Mistakes in SEOs”. I did repeat this focus keyword more than 4 times in this post.
    How to check Keyword density? 
    Please check frequently asked questions below.

    The best way to avoid keyword stuffing is “write the post by  humans.

    Indiscriminate Link Building

    Don’t add indiscriminate link in your paste especially low-quality links. Link building is an important technique for Google but not a low-quality link building. If your site is new, not go for Backlinks. Just focus on your quality content or problem-solving post. Add one or two inbound links to your website related to the post.
    Google is punishing sites with too many low-quality links or irrelevant link. A small amount of links from quality-related sites is better than thousands of links from low-quality unrelated sites. I suggest to you focus on your quality post don’t go for Backlinks because low-quality links or malicious link can negative impact on your website.

    Don’t make link on same Anchor Text

    Another fatal mistake that can kill your Website’s SEO is ” don’t use too many same anchor text for the same link building”.

    Do not copy someone’s work

    seo mistake

    Google hates copyright work. Your articles or post should be unique. Google’s crawlers know every detail about websites, they can easily identified where you copied the content. Many plagiarism software are available in the market, sometimes it can not identify the copy content, then we think our content is unique but you can’t hide it from Google.
    Also use royalty-free images on your websites, even copied images can block you on the internet. many free websites provide us free copyright content. so download from these sources or edit according to your post.

    Focusing Too Much On Links

    For new users, backlinks are not as important as you think. Backlink is the way to get visitors from various websites or sources. But for the new website, backlink not play an essential role. You have to focus on your content, not backlink.
    So focus on your content because people want to read content, they don’t care about backlink. If your content is good, visitors will share or link to your site from a multitude of places with different anchor texts and even provide you a link on their websites.
    Write quality articles with eye-catching headlines or Title.  Add relevant photos, it should be without copyright content.

    The Top SEOs Tips that can boost your websites

    Slow Loading Pages

    Google and Bing want to make the web faster, so the users get the best experience on the internet. There are many plugins present for WordPress users but Google Blogger doesn’t have any features to reduce the size of the webpages.

    • For Blogger’s users, use.JPEG Format the images and set the size of the images up to 500KB. There are many free images size reducer on the internet, you can resize the images without losing quality.
    • Don’t upload video directly on your post. Set the video by Youtube on your post

     Duplicate content or repeating content

    Pages with the same content, duplicate content or repeating content does not improve your website performance on the internet, they actually harm your WEBSITES’s SEO.
    If you want to create duplicate content ADD CHONONICAL URL to the same post. this option is not available for Google Blogger.

    Use keyword Research Tools

    There are many free keyword research tool but free tools are not provided right details about keyword even paid Tools fails to provide detail for us. But I will tell you which software you have to use for Keyword Research.
    • The first best free keyword research tool is the Bing webmaster tool.  yes Bing Webmaster toll provides us free Keyword research tools. it show accurate details about search on bing. we cannot find completion on the keyword but we find How many people search on the internet
    • Second free best tool is MOZ PRO. It provides free 10 searches every month so use this limit free every month. you can check keyword competition on it.
    • 3rd free tools is SEMScoop. It is the best free SERP tools present on the web. 

    images are not SEO optimized

    how to optimized images on your articles. First, use images with.JPEG format because it is responsive. 
    ADD ALT txt or ADD Caption on the images.
    Reduce the size up to 500 KB of images
    SEO Mistakes, FAQ

    FAQ or Frequently Asked Question

    How to check Keyword density?

    For WordPress users, use Yoast’s SEO Plugins.
    and For Blogger or all users Go to This link. Add your post and Focus keyword it will shoe about Keyword stuffing or keyword density.

    How to improve the loading time of your web site?

    There are two options. One is to hire professionals and
    second is analysis your website, improve and fix every error on the websites. 

    How to Analysis your website online

    There are many online tools on the internet. Simply search on GOOGLE ” Website SEO audit”. choose any one tool online to analysis your websites.

    Why is it essential to have an SEO strategy?

    If you are failed to gain visitors on your website, it could be because your website has not optimized for search. Google Set more than 2000 parameter to set a score for every website. If your website well optimized according to Google, Google increases your ranking on the internet. This will help you to get organic traffics.


    I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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