How to secure a website from data breaching and hacking and {FAQ} 2020

How to secure a website (WordPress or other) from data breaching and hacking and {FAQ} 2020


  • Best ways to secure your website
  • Faq and common user query

If we want to secure a website, grow and of course, to earn money from a website, we have to need to secure our websites. According to the survey, millions of website hacked per day. If we think using WordPress service is safe or secure, so we are wrong. Many of WordPress’s websites hacked by the people because of unawareness about security. Sometimes we need a suggestion about any problems, I will share some best way to secure WordPress’s website. If you want to grow a website or increase Domain authority of a website, then we have to care about security to websites.

secure a website
secure a website

Google Blocked millions of websites because of malware and phishing. So it is a common but essential thing to prevent attacks on your website. We will try to understand how to build a solid website? Or How to secure a website? We have to work hard to protect the website for our business.
If you don’t have knowledge about how to secure a website? I will explain to you every step to secure your websites.

Blogger is very secure because security provided and handle by the google.

Here is the list of best ways to secure website 

1. Update Plugins as well as theme regularly

Best and simple Mantra against hacking” Stay update your system and website” You need to keep up to date your plugins, WordPress and themes. Because always the new version comes with improvability and fixing bugs. Every plugin that you are using on your website is important to keep it updated. You can remove unused plugins.

2. Use HTTPS or SSL certificate

secure a website, make a website secure with https

In Future time, Google will not allow websites without SSL certificates. We need to encrypt our servers so that nobody hacked our servers. SSL certificate encrypts our website on a web server. We can get an SSL certificate free as well as paid.

Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates for the websites. Most of the websites using Cloudflare’s SSL certificate for their websites. SSL certificate secures the transfer of information such as credit card, password, data between the website and servers.

3. Use Two Authentication Factor

Many user’s websites hacked through their access to a website by a password. WordPress itself provide a password generator features in the setting tab but this password difficult to remember so many users use a weak password.  Using two-factor authentication method creates a secondary layer to check on the person logging to your website. Typically it is done by the contact number such as Email or mobile number which is provided at the time of sign up the account. When somebody tries to log in to the website, they need a unique code that is sent to your contact number.

4. Use Security plugins

There are many security plugins available in the WordPress add-ons store. So we can enhance the security of the website. These plugins help us to prevent hacking attempts.
Use these free plugins for the website.
  • ITheme Security
  • WordPress’s Jetpack
  • Wordfence
  • VaultPress
  • SecuPress
  • Security Ninja

5.Frequent Backups

Backup is a very good option after the hacking website. We can store all data on the website if our website gets hacked. You can backup the website on their server by the various plugins or backup features provided by the web hosting companies. We have to make a habit of backing our website daily or weekly. If you can’t do it regularly, choose automatically backup service from the web hosting provider.

6. Use Strong Login Password

Many users use a password like 12345 or ABCDEF because these passwords easy to remember. To gain access to your website’s server, people try to hack your password. There are many ways to get a strong password and easy to remember. We can use Password generator software like Lastpass, Hostgator password generator, avast password generator and many more. 

7. Check and solve Your Error Messages

Don’t ignore the error notification. Read the error message on WordPress, try to solve it. It may be from the Plugins or theme.

8.Install Web firewall to double the layer

This feature is not free for users. A web application firewall (a WAF) is a cloud-based security system that doubles the layer of protection. These feature provided by the web hosting company, for this we have to pay monthly fees. It works the same as the windows firewall does on the operating systems.

9. Use security service

If we cannot safe websites from hackers, then we have to go for security service. Web hosting provides additional security for the users that take extra charges from the users. Companies provide us with a team to secure our servers. 
SiteLock is the security service from the HostGator that automatically protect your website, reputation, and visitors against cyber threats.
secure a website, sitelock

Comodo cWatch website Security

Faq or Common queries
faq, secure a website

1. Why hackers hack our websites?

The main reason for hacking a website is to “earn money”. Some people do it for using our server so they can use for their works. Many people do it for their interest in learning.

2. How to make my website HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for a secure or trust website on the web. To make the HTTPS website, we have to install an SSL certificate for our websites. There are many free SSL providers in the world. I suggest using Cloudflare and Lets Encrypt’s certificates.

3. Which is the best free Security Plugins in WordPress?

  • Itheme Security
  • WordPress’s Jetpack
  • Wordfence
  • VaultPress
  • SecuPress
  • Security Ninja

4. How do I secure my WordPress site from malware?

  • Keep it Update
  • Use a strong password.
  • Don’t install unknown plugins.
  • Backup regularly

5. Is WordPress secure?

Yes. WordPress is a secure CMS. We use many plugins or theme from the WordPress store. It may be responsible for the data breaching.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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