can we use more than one antivirus programs on my computer? and {FAQ}-2020

can we use more than one antivirus programs on my computer?

is it any problems to have 2 or more antivirus in my pc or can we use more than one antivirus programs on my computer?
This question always bothers those people who have a lot of viruses found on their system and those who have not enough knowledge about viruses. This question is become very common because the number of attacks increase day by day. Also, new types of malware introduced every day. Earlier at the beginning of the computer era, the floppy disk is the source of spreading the virus from pc. But now the internet become a serious concern for us because mainly attacks done by the internet.

can i have two antivirus programs on my computer

 Should we can use multiple Antivirus Programs on 1 Computer?  

No, we think multiple security software protect our system well compare to one software. But  Running multiple antiviruses is actually bad ideas. Each software needs a different process for running. All software needs access to the network connection, memory usage, and CPU power.
Many users take computer security very seriously because they don’t want any problems with malware. Yes, we use 2 or more antivirus on our pc, but they can cause problems in our system like file corruptions.

We might think, When it comes to protecting your computer, more than one software is not a better option for us. Take some time to do the research for antivirus and choose a perfect one. But this is not a reality. Almost All security software works the same to detect malware. I will suggest some lightweight but a great antivirus program that you can use at the same time on your PC.

Why we use one Antivirus in one PC?

  • Both work the same

The main work of antivirus is to detect malicious files or folder and block it on your pc. Antivirus searching your system’s program that is installed on pc and monitoring its activities. It matches all files codes to the virus engine’s files, if any code detected as virus it block and send you notifications. Almost all security suite have the same codes and add new codes daily to the virus engine.

  • they can kill each other
When antivirus block a files, it moves to virus vault. But if you use an extra antivirus program, when it sees your quarantined file, it can remove it or reblock. It works the same as your primary antivirus did. And every antivirus has its own process to detect viruses, so it can block your primary antiviruses activity or vice versa.
A competitive software works like a virus which means it monitor your activities, collect the system information. So it can block each other and detect as virus.
  • over usage your pc 
Mainly antivirus is a heavy software. They need a lot of power from your CPU to scan your files even running in the background. Also other features of antivirus working at the same time like Browser’s addons, Real-time protection, security guard, etc. Literally, antivirus sucks a lot of power and cause slow your PC. It is the one of main reason to make pc very slow.
Thinks, if you use more than one software at the same time, half of the CPU power takes by the programs. They will sap your system  power
can i have two antivirus programs on my computer, scan your pc

Best Antivirus suite for our PC ( FREE)

I will suggest you best but free security software that will protect you 100% safe from hackers. Microsoft’s own antivirus used almost 50% device of Windows 10. Over time it is a great option for us and also it is free. Many expert suggests Windows security use as primary antivirus with free open source anti-Virus program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Hitman pro or Zemana Anti-Malware.

Instead of using major resources eating software, use Microsoft Security Essentials as a main, always turn-on antivirus program, along with running a free software.

1. Windows Defender
2. Malwarebyte
3. Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
Malwarebytes AdwCleaner is a great software to remove adware or pop-up ads from the system as well as browsers. If your software fails to remove adware then you can use Malwarebytes AdwCleaner that is free software.

Virus vs. Malware

To protect our system we have to know about Malware vs Virus. Malware is a software that do illegal activities in our system. There are many types of Malware such as viruses, adware, ransomware, trojan, worms or many more. Day by Day new forms of malware introduced by the hackers.
Virus is an example of malware that is malicious software. the main work of the virus is to collect our information and send it to the virus maker and spread malicious codes in our software. The main motive of a virus is to earn money or use our resources to generate money to the virus maker. Some virus destroy our data or system’s files.

That mean all kind of viruses are malware but all malwares are not viruses. 


Why we use a good anti-malware with ANti-Virus? 

anti-malware applications are specially designed for identifying, protecting, and deleting several types of malware. Anti-Malware generally is a small or lightweight software that works with main antivirus software.
Whereas Antivirus protects us with the older, installed threats, such as Trojans, viruses, and worms.
For more read difference between antivirus and antimalware click here

Common queries and Frequently Asked Questions

can i have two antivirus programs on my computer, faq

  • can I have multiple antivirus programs on my computer

yes, but it is not beneficial according to the security. Install one major Antivirus like Avast, Kaspersky or other trusted software and use along with free anti-malware software that will double the layer of your security.

  • does having two antivirus software affect computer

can i have two antivirus programs on my computer, Windows security, windows defenderyes. In fact, they slow your system performance because antivirus needs more power for running.

  • best free antivirus

I will suggest, Windows Security formally knows as Windows defender is a great option for Windows 10 users.

  • Will antivirus slow down your computer? 

Yes, antivirus need much CPU power for running. Also, it comes with many features like Firewall. That’s why they need more power in the system. If you want to check, run your pc without having antivirus.

  • Is Windows Defender a good antivirus?

Ye, In windows 10, windows defender offer great and advance protection for the users. Many new virus it can block and also provides free AntiRansomware protections.

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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