Why VPN used and benefits of free VPN-2020

why VPN used


  • Why a VPN?
  • Why do I need a VPN?
  • what is a VPN?
  • Benefits of VPN
  • Free VPN vs Paid VPN Which is right for you

What is VPN, and why is it important?

Let’s start with this question

Why a VPN?

why VPN used, We listen in almost every Newspaper, On the internet, there is an Email hack, identity theft or privacy exploitation. This is our new reality.
It is more important for us nowadays to keep our privacy as well as computer or smart devices safe, because it can harm us. So, what can you do to protect yourself by these thefts? There are several ways you can do this, such as updating your programs Or, secure passwords, but the easiest thing you can do today Start using a VPN.

Why VPN used 2020

Anonymous or completely safe on the Internet, but this is the best step you can secure online yourself by the attacks.
Now one question comes our mind,

what is a VPN?

A VPN,  virtual private network, is a means of encrypting or securing your data. Protect it and add a layer of privacy to protect your identity.

Generally, your computer accesses the Internet directly through your Internet service provider i.e. web server. Although this connection can be fast, it is rarely secure and is very easily detected. When you access the Internet through a VPN, change your location and nobody tracks your original location even government agencies. The advantage here is that you are protecting your data. Not your actual home or office, VPNs are used for corporations that needed to protect their sensitive data. VPN lock your sensitive information or data.VPN encryption is better than nothing.

A VPN provides a brand new address for your pc or devices for access internet. 

Benefits of VPN

1. Access better content

  • lots of website access only by region. If you’re not within the country, you can’t access it. With the help of a VPN, you’ll be able to select a server in specific countries, which provides you access websites.
  • many websites blocked by Google or other search engines. Many websites are invisible in Google search engine. For access, these websites VPN helps us.

2. Access websites, social media, and news services

3. Maintain anonymity online

  • Encryption is one more reason to select a VPN. encoding keeps your information safe from prying eyes.
  • on the internet, we know that anybody tracks our location and which website we used. VPN helps us to maintain our privacy on the internet. VPN hides our locations and Maintain us anonymously.
  • Many suppliers say on their web site that they don’t use your data. In fact, they may be lying.

4. Access files, websites, and services at work

The number of servers on the web, If you want to access restricted servers, VPN definitely help you. this may block the web speed, creating it laggy or nearly unusable.

5. Access Blocked websites

many users want to download Latest movies.song.books etc free of costs. Whose websites provide these files, google blocked it on the search engines. So we can access these websites with the help of VPN.

what is vpn 2020

Free VPN vs Paid VPN, Which is right for you?

  • Free VPN means slower speeds, data transfer limits, and connection drops for some cases. Free VPN has only one access server or Location. Paid VPN provides more servers to get the best connection speeds for your needs. 
  • Free VPN providers can store your data and show you advertisement.
  • Free VPN can slow your speed. The main disadvantage of free VPN is slow server speed.
  • FREE VPN provides limited features and many time, company force you to upgrade your VPN.
  • Some Free VPN comes with daily limit and these limit up to 500 MB data per day.

Why do I need a VPN?

  • Hide your IP address

     Virtual Private Network hide your real IP address. Many people search on internet about this question.how to hide my IP address. VPN is the best method to hide your IP address

  • Change your IP address

    Using a VPN anybody can change their IP address very easily. Just connect With VPN servers, your IP Address get changed

  • Encrypt data transfers

    A Virtual Private Network can protect your data to transfer over public WiFi. Public wifi is a great source to steal your information from your device. Many hackers use Public wifi to hack your system.

  • Mask your location

    With a Virtual Private Network, users can choose the country of origin for their Internet connection. You can easily change your origin. with VPN.


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