🔻What Is Data Privacy protection and Why Is it Important? and [FAQ] 2020

  • Why we need to secure privacy
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Every people want to stop privacy.  Why not keep it secure, nobody wants to share his private data to anyone. But we can’t do anything in the data privacy. Only we reduce th risk of privacy. 
privacy protection
privacy protection

How to secure your privacy online?

Simple, protect your data online or keep your sensitive data private. BUT questions is, How to stay safe online or keep your data private.
I will share some tips that will surely help you to stay online.
Start with this question why Privacy is so important? Well have you heard about, European union fined Google for the violation of the privacy of people’s data. Data privacy is one of the biggest issue on the internet. Assume that your private data gets by the bad people, so they can blackmail you or misuse your data. Often companies track your activities and collect your personal data, so that they show you advertisement according to your activities and sell your private information to the other companies, sometimes they can change your opinion.

How can we protect our privacy?

Use these tips to secure your data.

1. Use Strong login password or Change every month. 

The cybercrime industry is growing faster and faster. They try to access your online account and use it for their purpose. Many times they locked our data and need money from us to restore data. 
The number of Password hacker are increasing day by day. Sometimes your stolen data sell on the dark web.
Don’t use a simple password like your name, phone number because it is easy to steal your password. Use number, Symbols and Words in the password. But these types of passwords difficult to remember.
We know many people don’t change their password from time to time. That is a big problem. I have a technique to secure your password or generate a strong password. You have to remember one password and save your all kind of account in it.
Lastpass, Avast Password, Dashlane,  Password manager and many free apps are available on the internet. These apps work like a Password Vault. It almost available every Operating system. Make an account on it and save all kinds of account’s password on it. These apps automatically fill your password in your account. These are 100% free and secure.

2. Keep your software or apps up-to-date

Google, Microsoft like big companies updates their apps daily or weekly. Why these companies update their apps daily and force you to update these apps. The main reason behind is security Fix. New updates come with a security fix or improbability. That’s why we have to keep our apps updated. Because bugs present in the apps opens the door to the hackers which they can easily steal your data like Credit card information.
Updates everything in the device. A report told 50% of people use old apps and software.

3. Use VPN service

VPNs services become more popular than ever. The main reason behind it is to access blocked websites or adult websites. Many people use VPNs services for download pirates software, Movies, and Music. 
Do you know, other features of VPN service?
The main function of a VPN is to encrypt your data on the internet. We are identified on the internet by the IP Address. It changes your location, Devices’s IP address and location. Our identity becomes anonymous by the VPNs. VPN keeps you secure in the online world. Many professional uses the VPN for working. 
Many VPNs services are free like Hotspot Shield Free Vpn, Internet and many more. You can also use these services by Browser’s extension.

4. Block hackers to track you Online.

VPN blocks your location online but it can’t block your activities like what you do online. There are many software or Browser’s add-ons that helps you to block your activities to the hackers.
If you’re looking in apps, you can install this browser on Android. Also available in Browser’s add-ons for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. Ghostery block trackers on websites on your browser and control who collects your data. It improve Anti-Tracking and anonymizes your data to protect your privacy.
If you want premium software, it is best for you. It Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and Windows 10.

Frequently asked questions

Privacy protection

Q.1 Why VPN are not block tracking?

A VPN encrypted your connection, protect your data in public Wi-Fi, and hide your location, but advertisers can track you and identify your activities based on your device and browser settings

Q.2 What is Incognito mode?

Incognito Mode prevents cookies, visited websites but your IP address is visible and it is not completely anonymous.

Q.3 Why Ad-blocker aren’t enough to protect privacy?

Ad-blocker breaks the sites. Many websites are not accessible with Ad-blocker.

Q.4 What type of data is included in data privacy?

All your personal data is sensitive like your Contact number or email account.

 Q.5 Why do we need data privacy?

to save our private data on the internet

I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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