[FAQ] what is dedicated web hosting and compare plans 2020

Simply mean

One servers allocate to one single users.

In shared web hosting and VPS web hosting, the servers shared with multiple users ( websites).
In Dedicated web hosting, users renting a physical server to their website that is dedicated to single users only. Nobody can share your servers like in Shared web hosting. The main advantage of dedicated web hosting is much faster than Shared and VPS web hosting because Users cannot share CPU and resources with others. It provides a higher level of security, resources, privacy, and control.

What is dedicated hosting 2020

Who can buy dedicated web hosting?

If anyone looking for the best security, privacy, fully customizable web hosting, then you must buy it.
If your websites have a large number of visitors per month. This web hosting can easily handle huge visitors because you have no bandwidth issue.
If you have problems with high CPU usage limits in VPS web hosting.
If you are looking for game servers, then you have to choose dedicated servers.

How does dedicated hosting work?

With dedicated server hosting, you’re purchasing on rent an entire physical server. This provides you customization and control over your server environment. Plus, you’ll have access to higher levels of server resources.

With a dedicated server, you will be able to customize your CPU type, operating system, and the total amount of RAM and storage available.

The benefits of Dedicated web hosting

  • High traffics

Dedicated servers easily handle the high traffics per month or day. In this hosting, server bandwidth doesn’t share with other users.

  •  Privacy

VPS and dedicated servers have the primary benefits of privacy.

  •  Secure 

Dedicated servers are very secure than other servers. Because these servers are not shared with many customers. That means several potential risks square measure eliminated. for instance, if one account was hacked on a shared server, the remainder of the accounts thereon server might doubtless be hacked. Having your own personal server minimizes these threats.

What is dedicated hosting 2020

The Cons

  • Expensive

    The biggest disadvantage of dedicated web hosting is the Higher cost. Because there is a single server dedicated to your website, so operating costs are higher. For example, Web hosting Providers costs between $80 and $120 per month, compared to as little as $2.75 per month of a shared plan.

  • Unmanaged servers

    If you want to manage your servers you need high skills otherwise you have to hire a Person or IT professional.

  • Hosts can offer advice on security, but you must ensure your server is secure.

  •  Safety 

    Hosts square measure able to provide recommendation on security, however it’s your duty to confirm your server is secure. So you have to set safety features like firewalls and virus detectors yourself.

    What is dedicated hosting 2020

  • Powerful 

    The server is powerful enough to handle thousands of visitors per day. you have got the complete power of the server and its resources.

    Compare Plans of Dedicated Web Hosting

    1. Bluehost
    $79.99/mo* First month
    Normally $119.99
    4 cores @ 2.3 GHz
    500GB (Mirrored) Storage
    4 GB RAM
    5 TB Bandwidth
    3 IP Addresses

    2. Hostgator

    Value Server
    4 Core / 8 Thread
    Intel Xeon-D CPU
    8 GB RAM
    1 TB HDD
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Linux or Windows OS
    Starting At $118.99/mo*


    Xeon E3-1230 (4 cores)
    8 GB  RAM
    250 GB HDD
    $70.00 Price start/month

    4.A2 hosting

    Starting at
    USD monthly
    17% Off (was $119.99)
    From 8 GB RAM
    From 2X500 GB Storage
    From 10 TB Transfer
    2 Cores
    Intel 3.1+ GHz
    Anytime Money Back Guarantee

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1.What is the difference between VPS vs Dedicated Hosting?

    Users of VPS hosting have allocated resources just like Dedicated hosting users, however the amount of available resources on VPS servers may still not be what a website needs. For example, VPS servers start with 2GB of RAM, whereas Dedicated servers start with 4GB of RAM. Dedicated hosting allows for the user’s full customization and control with VPS server, but with even more horsepower.

    Q2.How do I get started with Dedicated Hosting?

    Getting started with Dedicated hosting is easy. Simply choose the plans according to your, Signup and Payment. Your hosting will be set up in 30 minutes.

    Q3. How does dedicated server hosting differ from shared hosting?

    With dedicated hosting, you have to get the entire server(physical server). With shared hosting, you are renting a small part of that same server.

    Q4. What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting?

    With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you will purchase or renting a blank server, and you have to customize it to your liking. You are responsible for technical tasks like server maintenance, security, software updates, and everything.

    With managed dedicated hosting, you’ll typically have a team provided by the hosting companies that will help to setup and manage your dedicated server

    credit: Bluehost

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