[FAQ] and Are You confuse about IPS VS TN screen? Which is better for LAPTOPS- Here is the answer[2020]

IPS VS TN laptop Screen- Which is best for Laptop?

  • IPS and TN panels
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When we need to buy a laptop, we have many choices but we don’t have much knowledge about it. I will explain about screen technology “IPS VS TN laptop Screen” which type of screen we have to buy.
IPS vs TN laptop screen, difference between tn and ips screen
IPS mean In-Plane Switching, is a type of display and screen technology, it may be in Laptops or smartphones. It is a widely used technology in smartphones, but in the case of laptops, not many companies offer IPS display in cheap or mid-range laptops. An IPS panel is a type of  LCD screen. LCD also known as Liquid Crystal Display, use light modulating properties from liquid crystals that providing a flat panel.

TN mean twisted nematic. This is a type of LCD  panel display technology. TN panels the fastest and cheapest among the other main types of display panel.


IPS vs TN laptop screen, difference between tn and ips screenTN panels are very cheap than IPS screens that’s why many budgets laptop or Montier comes with TN panels. Both have their advantage or disadvantages. Let’s discuss

Viewing Angle

There is no match between TN and IPS display about viewing angle. The viewing angle of TN panels are very limited you cant see display from Sides. Even reflection of lights is more in TN panels.

IPS or VA both have an advantage over TN panels about viewing angle. We can view screen far or from Side to side. There is no color distortion when viewed at an angle. This is because the liquid crystals are arranged parallel and horizontally to the glasses.

Winner-IPS display

Colours and Responsive time

Another advantage of IPS over TN panel to present better colour reproduction, because they simply have a more ability to manage the light that passes through.TN panels have more responsive time because of fewer pixels. The IPS display has high resolution and high pixels the TN panels that’s why IPS display has more Colours.

Refresh rates and response times are not good as compared to TN displays. IPS display has higher Colours but low responsive rate.

Winner-TN display


For Gaming laptop or Monitors, refresh rate of display more important because of FPS. Frame per second is the ability of display which shows Frames of  Picture or UI display per second. Gaming PC need high refresh rate of display. 
IPS display has more refresh rate capability than TN. it maybe 60 GHz,120 GHz, or 144 GHz or higher but TN panels come with a 60 GHz refresh rate. But IPS display costly than TN panels. For the everyday gamer, IPS displays are sufficient to manage gaming tasks. Low refresh rates affect the gaming experience and games become lag when more FPS required.
winner- IPS display


Battery power or performance matter a lot in our life. Sometimes we are not able to charge our device. The less power your laptop hardware components consume less battery life. TN displays do not need much power for work.IPS displays takes more power than TN displays for work. A laptop with an IPS display will have less battery life than a TN display of the same model and specifications.

Frequently Asked questions


Is IPS better than TN?

If you need Better colour, better viewing angle or gaming device then choose IPS display.
If you are looking for more battery life or cheap laptops you have to go for TN display. but IPS is typically more expensive.

What is the difference between TN and IPS?

TN panels have less colour reproduction, less refresh rate, more contrast, and lesser Resolution screen. But TN display have a more responsive time rate than IPS display.

Is TN or IPS better for gaming?

IPS display is better for gaming because IPS display comes with a higher refresh rate than TN display. We know that in gaming FPS more important So we need high refresh rate display.

What does IPS and TN mean?

TN means Twisted Nematic (TN) displays
IPS means IPS mean In-Plane Switching
Both are the type of display of Laptops or PC monitor.

Which is better IPS or LED?

LED vs LCD, the main difference is screens, LED are much thinner. BUT IPS screens have much better colour accuracy and quality, and they have much better viewing angles.


TN displays are not worse as we think.TN display’s colour accuracy or reproduction might not be good as much IPS displays but they are still a good option for everyday use.
TN displays are common in most cheap laptops. But it does not offer good quality display.

Hopefully, this article helps you to choose which is best for you.


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