How write an Article for SEO- Step by Step Guide and FAQ(2020)

how to write an Article for SEO

  • The important factor in SEO
  • How to write ARTICLE SEO step by step
  • Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Remember New website takes 25-35 weeks to get popularity( means rank on google) So work hard on your Website. 

how to write an Article for SEO

how to write an Article for SEO when we start to write posts we all want to improve our post according to SEO. The first questions come to our mind how can we improve the SEO post. Don’t worry I will help you.

How to increase the SEO score of the post? I will show you how to improve your Post on your website. The main factor that affects your SEO. I m not talking about the Backlinks.

Remember that “ content is King” and so Focus on content.

The important factor in SEO

  • focus keyword
  • page title
  • Enter meta description
  • Content
  • Optimized the Images
How write an Article for SEO
How write an Article for SEO

Focus Keyword

The focus keyword is a Word where you can insert it in a phrase. Your post description based on the Focus keyword.

The focus keyword is very important for SEO because the search engine knows what your post is about.

Focus keyword Used to tell the search engine. Your Fucs keyword also occurs in Permalink, Post Headline or First paragraph of Post.

How to write ARTICLE SEO step by step

Page Title

  • You should add a Page Title
  • The focus keyword ” Focus keyword” should appear in the Page Title.
  • Put “focus keyword” at the beginning of the Page Title
  • The Page Title should be 60 characters.

Meta description

You should add a Meta description
focus keyword “Example”  should appear in the Meta description
The Meta description should be 160 characters 


You should add an H1.
The focus keyword “Example” appear in the H1
You should add text
Your text contains a minimum of 300 words is recommended
The focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the text
You should use the focus keyword not more than 6 times, to improve the keyword density (0%)


You should add an image
The focus keyword appears in the image name
The focus keyword appears in the image Alt tag


Add relevant links to improve user experience and internal link structure

This will help you write a 100% SEO post.

 Which factor to focus on

the most essential SEO is on-page and off-page according to the ranking factors that can positively impact the performance of your website.


Google never enclosed the ranking factors of the search engine but we know some ranking factors because of case studies by various SEO companies. It is impossible to have a list of search engine ranking factors without content. The importance of content is no longer news, write just keyword-focused content to one that is relevant for a user query. 
Content must be simple, easy to read, attractive and eye-catching. 

A HUMAN read approximately 300 words in 1 minutes that’s why good length of Post is around 450-1500 words. Atleast write 700 words in the post.



Backlinks become very popular nowadays. This is another SEO ranking factor that impact search engine rankings. Getting high-quality backlinks from high authority website is not an easy job. Many bloggers write guest post for Higher ranking website or buy on “Fiverr”.
Some bloggers create Backlinks by the comment on the website.

Mobile-First Indexing

Google’s mobile-indexing approach is a major factor for SEO. Your website’s theme should be responsive. The responsive website automatically changes according to the device. For example, when you open popular websites on Mobile it changes automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Which SEO software is best?

Well, all software has advantages and disadvantages. Choose one of them-
2.SEO Plugins– Yoast SEO
3.SERP analysis– SEMSCOOP

BUY Gropup SEO tool from Anywhere. The cost of Ahref, SemRush or many tools around 5 dollars per month.

1. Where can I study SEO?

For Video tutorials-Go to
For Read articles-Go to Ahref Blog, SemRush Blog, Moz Pro Blog, SEMPOST or Backlinko websites.

2. Which SEO techniques are popular?

 Link building, Keyword research, Site audits, On-page SEO.
If your sites are new don’t worry about Link Building or Backlink and other techniques are an essential part of SEO.

 3. Will HTTPS affect SEO?

Yes, because Https shows the secure connection or free from malware. So visitors can trust on you.

          4. Are SEO meta tags important?

Meta Keywords Attribute – A series of keywords relevant to the page in question.
Title Tag – The title of your page.

           5. How do I keyword research?

use free website like Ubersuggest and Thoth

TheHoth takes data from SEMRUSH so it is powerfull free tool.


I always try to solve people problems. With my articles, I try to give you valuable information.

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