100% free video editor software windows 10 (2020)

 free video editor for windows 10

Microsoft Photos app pre-build app in windows 10.No need to install this app, just update the Photos App.

I will show you the best free video editor for youtube videos at no cost. I chose Microsoft Photos, video editor because they have easy to use UI and modern video editors features. Microsoft Photos app comes with Windows 10 operating system. I make a simple youtube intro video from Photos app. 
free video editor for windows 10

Many professional features come with it. You make better intro on this software. Let’s start a tutorial, how I make this Intro.

Features of Microsoft Photos App

  • Spit
  • Trim
  • Filters
  • 3D Effects
  • Text adds
  • Export in 1080p 
This is a sample video made in Microsoft Photos App

Step 1- Download Free video sample on Pixabay.com

  • First of all we need an Intro video.so download it on the Pixabay.com. It provides millions of video at free cost. You don,t need to pay for royalty-free use.

Step 2- Start a new project on Microsoft Photos

  • Open Microsoft Photos App on Windows 10. 
  • Create a new project on Video editor.
  • Give name of the Project like Youtube Intro Video

Step 3- Choose Files on Photos App

  • Now open Video Files that you downloaded on PIxabay.com.
  • You can add some more video sample on it.
  • Now drag Video file on the Timeline.

Step 4- Choose feature for video editor

  • How to split a video- Choose split option and then Choose time.
  • Also we can trim the video.

  • These all feature work like a profession Video editors.
  • Choose Theme – Microsoft Photos app gibes a bunch of free theme and Filter Options.

Step 5- Finally export your video

  • Export Your Project in 1080p,720p and 480p video resolution.
  • millions

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