SSL-why we need SSL certificates?

why we need SSL Certificate


  • what is an SSL CERTIFICATE
  • How SSL certificate  work
  • SSL certificate free
  • SSL certificate GoDaddy
  • SSL certificate price
why we need SSL


SSL is known as a secure socket layer and it is devolved by NETSCAPE. SSL certificate is a small data file that binds with the cryptography key by digitally. Let’s talk about Cryptography key, It is a string of characters used within the encryption algorithms for altering the data value. It simply lock your data with key like physical lock so nobody access your data.
Basically, SSL certificate Encrypt the servers data. When anybody attempts to access your server data, your data shared between yore web server and the user is encrypted i.e. digitally locked.

 SSL certificate how does SSL certificate work

In order to provide privacy, SSL encrypts the data. When it installed on web server it activates PADLOCK and HTTPS protocol. ‘S’ in HTTP means your connection is secure and encrypted and allow user to get secure connection from web server which means nobody steal your important data from servers. SSL certificate basically used to secure Credit Card or Payment related information.

  • How SSL work

When we put the URLs or website link in the search bar of the browser.
A browser tries to connect with a website which is secured with SSL means web servers. The browser sends request to that web server.
The web server sends the data back to the Browser. The browser checks to see the website is with SSL certificate or not.
The web server encrypted with SSL. Encrypted data is shared with the server and browser.
This is the basic of SSL certificate.

why we need SSL

SSL certificate free

Where get free SSL certificate for your website.
When we make a website through the website, the first step how to safe websites from hackers. Web hosting providers takes extra charges for SSL certificate. We have many free options to get free SSL certificates.

Note: There is no security difference between the Free and Paid SSL certificate. Only extra support, paid users get from the company.

There are many free SSL certificate providers in the world. I prefer to you use Cloudflare SSL certificate. This is easy to set up an SSL certificate to your website servers. Cloudflare activates a free SSL certificate within 24 hours that’s great. You have to just signup and change Nameserver of the domain. If you buy Domain on GoDaddy, change the DNS servers to your domain. New Nameserver provides you with Cloudflare. Many of the websites use Cloudflare free SSL certificate.

SSL certificate GoDaddy

Very popular web hosting company in the world. So many people want to know the GoDaddy SSL certificate.

SSL certificate helps you to boost your website in Google ranking.

Protect One Website
Buy on
Price: around $59.99 per year
Validation: Domain
Warranty: $1,000
Wildcard: Yes

SSL certificate price

There are many SSL provides in the world but I will share some List of price Comparison.

  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

Buy on
Price: $89.00 per year
Issuance: Less than 15 minutes
Validation: Domain
Warranty: $10,000
Wildcard: Yes
Refund: 15 days

Comodo’s SSL certificate is one of the most popular in the world. Many big companies use COMODO’S SSL certificates to protect their website. Many other plans are provided by the COMODO. Please check out in the company’s websites

  • Thawte SSL Web Server

Buy on
Price: $199.00 per year
Validation: Domain and company
Warranty: $1,250,000
Refund: 15 days

  • GeoTrust True BusinessID

Buy on
Price: $199.00 per year
Validation: Domain and company
Warranty: $1,250,00
Refund: 15 days

  • Network Solutions Basic

Buy on
Price: $124.50 per year
Validation: Domain
Warranty: $50,000
Refund: None


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