Why Nokia’s Windows phone better than Android


  • Start Screen
  • Action Centre
  • Cortana
  • Word Flow Keyboard
  • Fast Performance
    Windows Phone 2019

    Quality Build Phones

    The biggest point Of windows phone that” mostly windows made by NOKIA” Nokia’s phone always offer great build quality of their customers. Mostly windows mobile had a great Build quality. Still, my Nokia Lumia 630 works fine for me in 2019.


    Start screen Windows Phone

    Windows Mobile or WIndows10 Mobile comes with unique, stylus and Metro UI Live tiles. Many users Like Windows Mobile start screen. we can highly customized start screen. You can set Tiles according to your choice. one major feature of Live tile was ” it showed message and notification n it” Really that’s a great feature of Windows Phone.


    Obcorse you know about Cortana. You are familiar with Cortana on Windows 10. Cortana is a personal digital assistant from Microsoft.
    Windows 10 comes with Cortana. You can use it like an Ok Google or Google Voice assistant. Cortana is one of the Best Personel Assistant in the world. Cortana is a virtual assistant launched by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Surface Headphones, Xbox One. Now Cortana is available almost every device.

    Action Centre

    Microsoft had launched the most awaited features on Windows Mobile, the Action Centre. The Windows Phone 8.1 update comes with Action Centre which will show notifications for calls, messages, emails, apps and others. You can reply in the Action Centre.
    The first thing you have noticed on windows phone, It has are four icons that represent Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, and Rotation Lock. Tap on it, you can enable or Disable Features. That’s a very simple and fast process.

    Simple and FAST Performance

    If you use Windows Mobile in your life, You know how Windows phone Simple and Fast. Most Lumia’s phone comes with 512MB or 1GB RAM but it was enough for Windows mobile. I personally used LUMIA 630, I never faced Laging on it. It work like a high-end phones.

    Word Flow Keyboard.

    Lumia Phones touch keyboard has a great feature that is Words Flow Keyboard. Microsoft is bringing its keyboard Windows mobile. You have to flow your fingers over the keyword, It will automatically add words in your Chat or Notes. This feature also present in SWIFT KeyBoard APP on ANDROID Phones.
    Word Flow Keyboard. windows phone
    image from WINDOWS CENTRAL

    Universal APPS

    Universal apps launched by Microsoft for the all Windows platform. Universal apps gives same user experience on Phones and PC or Laptops. Universal apps also available for the XBOX ONE store. 
    Although the Windows App Store has less apps than the Play Store in terms of numbers, but in the term of quality Windows phones have great experience than Android or IOS phones. Windows Phone is not an open-source platform, It is the biggest reason of less numbers of apps in Windows mobile store

     Offline Maps Integration

    Windows Phone had HERE Maps and HERE Drive integrated to its Nokia Lumia,s Phones basically It is Nokia’s alternative to Android’s Google Maps. Nokia Here Map has full offline capabilities. Some Android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy phone also has offline navigation in Google Maps, but Google Maps allows you to download some areas of offline maps, you can download whole countries maps with the Nokia Lumia Phones and navigate across the country without a data connection while you are driving.

    Skype Integration

    In your life, you definitely heard about Skype App. This is the biggest app for Voice or Video calling over the Internet. Windows Mobile comes with Skype Integration.


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