top 10 technology-will be rule on world 2020

According to CompTIA’s second annual top 10 emerging technologies report ranking, the internet of things stands first.
And here is a list of all top-rated technologies of the current era.

  1. IoT

Artificial Intelligence The Internet of things has widely spread in the basic things of human daily activities. From morning alarm to evening coffee, everything is being dealt with the technological assets. And all these things are now interconnected with wireless connections. This network of things is now called as Internet of Things (IoT).

Artificial Intelligent (AI) –

 Second most popular technology of 2019 year is artificial intelligence. Ability of machine to learn by themselves, it is one of the greatest inventions of science. It is proving most capable staff in every firm as it is widely used in various sectors such as health care to finance sector and many more. Works are being done in every sector when AI scrutinizes the data available.

top 10 technology

5g – 

5g network is the replication of the human race of moving faster and faster. Widespread of 5G is the requirement in today’s world. In this fast-moving world people can’t afford to lag behind because of that they are continuously trying to be faster than earlier, rapid up-gradation of networks is the live example of this theory.

Serverless computing-

 Serverless computing is new on the list of this year along with robotics, replaced quantum computing, and automation. People misunderstood serverless computing with IoT, but in reality, it is totally different from that. It allows firms to create an IT environment in their respective organizations.


This is the most demandable technologies of the 21st century. More and more organizations are acquiring this technology in their daily processing. It has widely increased its extant in the financial sector.


 This technology is used to make automated machines that do human works faster. It also proved less expensive in business firms and organizations.


 it is commonly used technologies in various appliances and assets. It includes face, fingerprint, and retina scans to verify any individual. Because of this, secure networks can be made possible today.

3D printing-

It is the technology which offers low cost and low volume solution for manufacturing of complex parts and high-end products. This technology is continuously growing and widely spreading in various new fields of science.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality- 

You all might have seen the Spiderman- Far from home movie. In that movie, we have seen the use of virtual reality. Businesses are also using VR/AR technology to make their firms more efficient and precise working organizations.


drones have so many applications in our life. From the defense sector to the domestic sectors, we are vividly aware of the uses of drones. In upcoming years also they are going to be used widely, and businesses are well known to this fact that’s why they are investing in this technology enthusiastically.


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