what does shared web hosting mean- Compare Plans of web hosting 2020

Shared Web hosting


  • what is shared web hosting
  • Difference between Linux and Windows web hosting
  • Advantage of Shared web hosting
  • Compare plans of different Provider

what is shared web hosting

Single server shared by multiple Users

 Shared web hosting allows users to shared single web servers. Each user has limited resources to use on single web servers, that means you cannot get much traffics on your websites. In shared hosting Ram or Cpu’s processing power shared within users. How many resources will the user get, it depends on the plan.
Shared web hosting is a very cheap and economical option for users. Shared web hosting is the best for beginners’ websitesHowever, the cheap price comes with limited resources which mean limited traffics can open your websites. Mostly in shared web hosting, many companies allow a maximum 10K-100K traffics in your websites.

Shared web hosting is a great choice for beginning website whose sites don’t have lot of traffic or visitors. Remember, you can upgrade or change web hosting hosting services with time.

shared web hosting 2020

Further Shared web hosting are available into Linux web hosting and Windows Web hosting.

  • Linux web hosting
 Linux web hosting is the type of server that means server install on the Linux operating system. Linux is the most popular operating system for servers.

  • Windows web hosting
It means web server application installed on windows operating system. Windows web hosting is the best choice for users because many features are available only on windows operating systems. Linus operating system comes with limited application and support.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

  • the price starts in the shared web hosting from $1-$20.Many companies provide massive discounts for the Years plans.
  • Best for beginners
  • Easily upgrade to higher package or VPS and Dedicated web hosting plan.
  • Many companies allow users to transfer or change web ghosting companies without any cost.
  • equipped with Cpanel.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • an account may be suspended for 1 day if users overuse CPU limit.
  • The load time slower than VPS or dedicated web hosting.
  • only limited traffics can access your website.
  • Many companies do not provide SSL certificate or other features. You have to buy an SSL certificate from other companies.
  • There is a lack of customization options to get the best performance from your website.
  • Only a few users can access your website.

Alternatives to Shared Hosting

There are many alternatives which replace shared web hosting plans. If you getting more traffics than limit you will have to upgrade VPS, Dedicated or Cloud web hosting. These web hostings are costly than Shared web hosting.

you can choose VPS web hosting or wordpress dedicated web hosting after getting much traffics on your website

 The alternatives to shared hosting are WordPress dedicated hosting, VPS, and other semi-dedicated hosting options. These options are not much costly and easily handle 200K visitors per month.

Compare web hosting Plans of Best Companies

There are many web hosting providers in the world. I will compare the plan of world most trusted web hosting companies

shared web hosting plans

  1. Hostgator

  • Hatching Plans  Starting At $2.75/mo*
  • Baby Plan              Starting At $3.95/mo*
  • Business Plan    Starting At $5.95/mo*

   2. BlueHost

Basic             $2.95/mo*
Plus       $5.45/mo*
Pro        $13.95/mo*

3. A2 web hosting

LITE       Starting at $2.96
SWIFT Starting at $3.70  USD monthly
TURBO Starting at  $7.03 USD monthly

4. Hostinger.com

  • Single Shared Hosting
price-$0.99/mo($2.15/mo when you renew)
  • Premium Shared Hosting
$2.59/mo($3.49/mo when you renew)

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