which is better Tablet vs Laptop-2020

Laptop vs Tablet 2020


we will be taking about some form factors about Tablet vs Laptop.

  • laptop vs tablet pros and cons
  • Portability
  • 2 Display
  • Battery Life
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Price
  • Gaming


Tablet vs Laptop first form factor for is portability, both product designed for portability, but Tablets is low weight, small and fit to your pocket like a smartphone. In case of laptop are heavy and big as compared to tablets. very Lightweights laptops are also available in the market Like LG GRAM, DELL XPS series but these laptops are very Costly. Tablet can fit in your backpack as magazine like Ipad 10 inch tablets. 

Laptop and tablets

2 Display

we know that Tablet comes with a small display than Laptop. Display is a major factor for working, multimedia and ob course day to day task. Definitely Laptops is a winner in case of Display. Tablet comes with a better display but small. the resolution of the iPad is better than the Laptop with the same price

Battery Life

battery life is main part of any gadgets, we face many problems if battery life is weak and drain quickly. Tablets comes with great battery life than Laptop because Laptops packed with high-performance CPU. that’s why Laptops have less battery life than tablets. Still, laptops offer 4-10 hour battery life to the users. Only Ipad offer better battery lif.

Note: I am talking about the iPad.Android tablets are like garbage in the market. The first major problems of Android tablets offer low-end CPU even costly tablets and not optimize user experience. If you looking to buy Tablets Go to Ipad.

Wireless Connectivity

Most Tablets comes with 4G LTE connectivity and packed with better wifi adapter. 

Laptops packed with wider variety of ports and connectors, for example, USB ports, HDMI ports, Ethernet ports. But  Tablets have either USB  or Lightning (Apple) connectors for charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. clear tablets is a winner in case of connectivity.
Now in current time Laptops also offer multiple USB 3.0 and USB-C ports, SD card options.
                                                               Surface 6 tablet


Laptop and tablets
There is no match in the case of Storage, Laptops offers to the users 500 GB to 2 TB storage capacity even SSD storage. Tablets come with limited storage capacity. Most of the Tablets come with 32 GB storage and extra SD card ports. 


Mobiles’ application is not enough for office as well as home use. MAC and PC software provides a better experience and handle huge workload. Ipad application is huge in numbers but we can do limited work with the mobile application. That may be the reason for the existence of tablets.


Both Tablet an Laptops offer great experience in case of Multimedia. IPad comes with better accuracy and higher resolution than Laptops. 


No platform like PC, MAC, smartphone is safe from viruses.Security is a major concern in the modern world. You have knowledge about security if you want to secure. Recently many Most popular Android apps comes with trojans. That’s mean google unable to detects malware in Play Store even Apple also.That’s why I said we have to gain knowledge and up to date about security.

Most of the malware made for windows and androids because of Huge no. of users. Simply I want to say we can not be safe from malware in modern times. Use popular Antivirus and not install unknown apps. Don’t install apps outside the app store and crack apps.


iPads and Android tablets have huge no. of games PUBG and Fornite, RPG, platform, and racing titles.

Surface Laptop
For more serious franchises like Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, and pretty much all major multi-player games, Windows is the way to go (or a games console of course). You’ll need a high-end laptop to play AAA-titles though, as the cheaper laptops won’t have the processing power to handle such graphically intensive games.
Major companies now make their popular Title for Mobiles and Tablets. Future most of the titles also be available for tablets and Mobiles
In the case of the experience, there is no match between the tablets and Laptops. Laptops provide you a great experience for gamers but Gaming Laptops are costly than Tablets.


The Ipad price starts from US $399. The price of the Laptops start from US $200 – US$2000. Its depend on you what do you want to buy.

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