how to write a Blog For SEO Friendly 2020

How to write a blog?

I will show you how to write a Blog For SEO Friendly. I will share with you some major facts that will help you write SEO articles. This will definitely help you Good SEO for your post. 

Before starting, know about blogging

Blogging is one of the best professions on the internet of the world and of course for the internet. Blogging is a popular free platform for online. making money. Many Websites on Google blogger has billions of value. Google blogger is free for web hosting and manages millions of traffics without any lags. 

write a Blog For SEO Friendly

how to write a good SEO blog post

1. Use only one Heading H1 tag

 You have to use only one Heading H1 tag in your post. For other paragraph heading, use Subheading Tag or H2 tag. If you don’t know what is H1, H2, P1, P2, etc tag please take help from YouTube.These Factors affect a lot on your content. Writing a blog doesn’t require any kind of skill. You just have to be comfortable with your idea. You make sure you do not make it lengthy no one reads lengthy blogs. Use attractive images. 

2. Put the focus keyword at the beginning of the Page Title

Choose one Focus Keyword and write an article on it. Your article must be based on it otherwise Google crawlers impact your Post Rating. Your Focus Articles Must be present in First Paragraph. For example, My Focus keyword is” How to write a blog”.You can find This keyword in my first paragraph. This will definitely help you. If you want some extra help read Articles on popular websites daily and research how they write articles on their websites. $ads={1} 

3. You should add a Meta description.

 Description SEO articles play an important role in Google Rating. Meta description is a highlight of your post that shows on the Google Search engine. If your Meta description attractive, definitely user read and will come on your websites. This increase your organic traffic. Meta description should be less than 160 words and based on their post.

Meta description

In the box, This is meta description.

4. The focus keyword does appear in the Meta description

You can’t ignore Meta description. 

  You must add your Focus keyword on Meta description Tag. Go with what you want to say. Use statistics, facts, pictures.


5. You should add an images

Use Image in the articles for better description. Download images without copyright on PIXBAY.COM. Pixabay is a free website for images.

6. The focus keyword does appear in the image Alt tag.

what is alt tag

Alt tag is attribution of your images. Give Alt tag on your Images and The focus keyword does appear in the image Alt tag. For example, If anybody wants to search images regarding your post on google, Google will show your post images on it. This is the another way, user can come on your website 

7. Use Grammarly 

Grammarly is a very popular App and Extension on browser. Download it on the Chrome web store or Mozzila web store. Grammarly detects automatically your language mistake and also grammar mistake. Grammarly is free of cost. Many bloggers use this program for improving their mistakes.

Some other Important tips

  • your article should be unique. Write the post what you know about.
  • use images without copyright content
  • Do some search on Post Title

Note: In the future, I will show you “Free Post SEO Tools” For Google Blogger because Blogger has no SEO plugins.

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