Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy. Well, spilled coffee and malware are also pretty high on the list, but excessive heat can do just as much damage as those two things combined. Instead of letting your laptop overheat, follow these tips to make sure your computer stays nice and cool.

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My own experience in my laptop was very bad. Some parts of my laptop stopped working, One of them was the Motherboard. So I will share with you some tips about” HOW TO STOP YOUR LAPTOP FROM GETTING TOO HOT”

Make Sure Your Fans and Vents are Working Well

Your laptop relies on airflow to keep cool. When dirt, dust, and other debris clog your vents and fans, your laptop’s temperature will go up significantly. Dust is the biggest factor in the rising temperature of the laptop. Use always paper keep below the laptop  (not soft like newspaper) 

Checking your vents is easy. If they look dirty, use compressed air to clean them out.

Your computer’s fan, however, is slightly more difficult. If it has a lot of filth covering it, use the same air-blasting technique to get it clean. You’ll need software, though, to find out whether your fan is really doing its job. Check your laptop manufacturer’s website for a fan diagnostic program. You can also get them from other sites, but make sure you choose a reliable, safe option.

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Use the Right Kind of Surface

Yes, it’s called a laptop, but you never want to place your computer on your lap. Actually, you shouldn’t place it on any soft surface. Fabrics make airflow difficult, which causes your laptop’s temperature to rise. If at all possible, put your laptop on a desk that lets the air flow freely.

You can even invest in specially designed surfaces that help laptops stay cool. Many of them have mats that capture the heat so it doesn’t stay inside your computer. Most of these laptop tables and mats are quite affordable.

Check Your BIOS Settings

If you feel comfortable working with computers on a deeper level, then you should check your BIOS settings to make sure it is optimized to maintain a healthy temperature. If you don’t have much experience fiddling around with the inner-workings of software and operating systems, then you should leave this part to the experts. Even a small mistake could make your computer crash.

Use External Device

usb fan

Cooler Pad for Laptop

This laptop cooling pad reduces and extract the operating temperature of the laptop when it is unable to cool itself. It intends to protect the laptop from overheating and enables you to work without heat. 


portable Laptop USB Fan creates a continuous and evenly dispersed air flow beneath your laptop to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU and GPU trapped in the laptop housing. It has cooling power and all the features you need while remaining slim, lightweight, and quiet. USB Fan extract Heat from Laptop and maintained the Temperature of Laptop.USB Fan provides effective cooling

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