Tips of Secure Your Windows PC


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The almost every computer and internet users have always been security thread of viruses, malware, Trojan, data and file theft. Though computer technologies continue to evolve at a rapid rate it seems as though the level of internet.

windows 10 virus

There have always been threats to ones privacy, data, and files while surfing the internet but in this day and age the threats have become not only more abundant but more serious in nature as well. In days past most internet surfers would likely find themselves contending with simple Trojan horses, worms, and little nuisances. In today’s high speed world many of us worry about much more menacing and unscrupulous threats such as viruses and malware that hand our personal information over to those who would use it for their own personal gain and profit.

When we think of Computer Security we often find ourselves thinking about how threats have changed over the years and how most users will find themselves unaware and uneducated about such things.

windows 10 virus

Today we have to need gain knowledge and awareness about virus and malware. Many Virus comes our system through our lack of knowledge and mistake.we cannot safe our system without knowledge about virus. Our PC can not be secure with Security Software. 


  • Use strong Antivirus like Avast, Bitdefender etc
  • Use Firewall software
  • Use Anti Rasomware Software
  • Backup your data in external HDD 

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