What is cloud storage and types- Public,Private and hybrid cloud storage.

Cloud storage is the way of Store Files in Digital form. Cloud Storage is a technique of Storage the Data in Physically Centre. Physical server used to store Data digital. These cloud storage offers by the hosting companies like Google, Microsoft and many more. These Servers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible. These servers span multiple locations. Physical server protected by the hosting companies. Antivirus and Firewall protection provide safety and security to the server’s file. That’s why cloud storage is risk-free and free of Malware.

Cloud storage
Cloud storage has made possible to share, store data in servers. Cloud storage Accessed by the desktop or smartphone apps. We can take unlimited or limited storage for our computing. For big amount of cloud storage, we have to pay to the hosting companies. These companies provide 5GB-15GB free storage for every user.

Types of Cloud storage

1.Public Cloud Storage
2. Private Cloud Storage
3. hybrid Cloud Storage

Private Cloud Storage

It is a Private Storage system. It can access only for 1 person or one company. You can manage the data.
It is also known as mobile cloud storage. You can sync your data by your servers. Google Drive is an example of Private cloud storage.

Public Cloud Storage

These storage services can accessible online by anyone. Users cannot manage the storage. Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services and Google cloud is the example of Public cloud storage. These companies manage the storage system, hardware, and software used in the servers. The main advantage of the Public cloud storage is cost-effective and most reliable. However, due to the large scale of data which might be stored at a given time, public cloud storage companies ensure that the servers you use are of high performance.

Cloud storage

Hybrid cloud storage

It is the combination of Private and public cloud storage. You can customize your Features according to your needs. Hybrid cloud storage is a server for managing cloud storage that uses both local and resources offsite. The hybrid cloud storage infrastructure is basically used for internal data storage with public cloud storage. It is a common platform for organizations companies where they back up their data.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

1. No need to buy Hardware

In cloud storage, you don’t need to buy Hardware or computer. Just buy a suitable plans according to your usage from hosting companies and start uploading or back up your files.

2. Cost-effective

The main advantage of cloud storage is, It is cost-effective. Many pricing plans provide to its customers. we can make any plans by the hosting companies. Many companies provide free cloud storage up to 15GB like Google drive.

3. Usability:

 All cloud storage service companies provide desktop folders for Mac’s and PC’s apps to their users. That’s why users can drag and drop files between the cloud storage and their local storage easily. You can manage and edit files offline also. This makes upload of file very easily

4. Bandwidth: 

You can avoid sending files to person by email and instead send a web link to the person through your email. With this feature you don’t have to upload files, just share files’ link.

5. Accessibility:

 Stored files can be accessed from anywhere. You just need a good Internet connection. You can access the files also in smartphone apps or browsers.

6. Never Lost your Files

Everybody has special memory, Photos and videos related to their life. You can save your memory lifetime in the cloud storage. You can access anytime or anywhere from the internet. That’s a great feature of Cloud storage.

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