is cloud gaming the future?-

Cloud Gaming is not a new concept in the internet industry. But past two to three years, It become popular after the announcement of Google’s Stadia project. Google is not only one that announced cloud gaming, Microsoft also announced its next Project publicly. Major companies like Sony, Amazon, NVidia also working quietly on Cloud Services. So we can say the future of Gaming is Cloud gaming.
cloud Gaming 2020
Cloud Gaming

So what is it?

Do you know about Cloud storage and streaming video? The same thing is Cloud gaming. It is also called gaming on demand. It is a type of online gaming. You don’t have to install Gaming in your Mobile or PC. It is working like streaming service which means Games files stored in servers and you have to access the games by internets.
Games stored in the companies servers instead of Gamer’s Computer or mobiles. You don’t need to purchase powerful processing computer for play Games on Cloud. The Gamers play the games by installing the Client program which means you don’t need to install Full games. Just install the Client’s program and start playing the games. But there is a problem, you need a good Internet speed connection otherwise your gaming experience became boring.
Cloud service doesn’t require a lot of processing power, it means you don’t need to buy very expensive PC or Laptop for gaming. We know that if we want to play AAA gaming title, we need a powerful gaming pc or device but in the case of cloud game, video gaming will become cheaper than ever.
I am sharing the Upcoming Cloud game Project service with you.
Gaming cloud

xCloud by Microsoft

Microsoft confirmed that xCloud is the cloud service from Microsoft’s  XBOX. Now it is in developing mode. In March 2019, Microsoft demoed about cloud services, playing Forza Horizon 4 on Android mobile device with the XBOX controller. Microsoft’s xCloud runs by Azure cloud services which is owned by Microsoft. This service designed for Mobile, Touchscreen device with Xbox controller. Games stream like a video with good internet speed.
Currently, only Microsoft employees around the world can use cloud services for Testing purpose.

Google’ Stadia

Play Games without Console or High-end Pc.

Google stadia is an upcoming cloud service. Stadia will be available in Android Tv which means you can play games on your TV with internet connection. It is a gaming service like Video streaming. One of the popular Gaming titles, The Elder scrolls online also be available on Later 2019.
Google Siad its gaming platform will be capable of streaming 4K gaming at 60 FPS. It will accessible through the Chrome browser web browsers that means we can play on mobile, tablet and more devices. Google provides gaming services through the various services to different locations with sufficient internet speed. Google decided its launch date after 2019.

Google Stadia features.

  • Stadia is a premium gaming service, and requires no powerful hardware, only requiring the device to have very good Internet connection and support for Google Chrome web browser.
  • We can be streaming up to 4K gaming by Google Stadia.

Stadia will require at least 10 MB/sec or 720p 60 FPS, 20 Mb/sec for 1080p HDR Video 60 FPS  and 35 MB/s for 4K HDR Video 60 FPS


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