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What does Artificial intelligence mean?

 Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics of 21st century. When we think about this topic the first thing which arises in our mind is computer and technology. But artificial intelligence is not just about computers and technology.  Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to think and learn by itself and modify its working pattern according to the given situations. The concept of artificial intelligence is based on the idea of building machines which are capable of learning and thinking and perform such tasks which required human assistance historically.
From Apple’s Sire to human robot Sophia, AI has extended its scope among various fields of technology. Artificial intelligence has become one of the essential parts of our daily life.
Some time AI has been misunderstood with robotics and machine learning. But it is not similar to that. In robotics they just work on a particular command and can’t perform independently; but it is not so in case of artificial intelligence. If we talk about machine learning, it is just one part of AI. Actually AI is the bunch of various technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and big data processing.

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept of 21st century. From past many decades this topic had been in discussion. It faced many debates on world level platforms. And clash with ethical issues was one of the important discussions in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. But passing through those hot debates now with the starting of new century it also took step forward on the path of development. Many countries are now very keen to get expertise in this particular field. According to Canada based company report ‘Global AI talent report 2019’ India stood at number nine in term of AI expertise. USA, China, U.K and Germany top the list.
But India is also very enthusiastic to achieve niche in the AI technology. As we are very well aware the India has so much potential in IT sector, following that path government has made a vision to get expertise in the field of AI as well.  Government has also taken some steps to make this dream true which are as follows:
CBSE has introduced an elective subject of AI for the 9th class students because we were lacking in the formal education of such high end technologies. This particular step will provide opportunities for the students at school level to learn new things in their molding age.
IIT Hyderabad has become first institute of India who launched a full fledged B.Tech course on AI Technology. And it has also become the 3rd such institute at the world level who has done so.
Indigenization of defense sector will also provide so many opportunities for the advancement of this particular field.
Government is providing so many opportunities for the new startups in this particular field. In the budget 2018-19 government announced to establish a national program on AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data handling.
NITI Aayog also moves cabinet note to establish cloud computing platform named AIRAWAT: Artificial Intelligence Research, Analytics and Knowledge Assimilation Platform. According to government reports AI intelligence can boost our growth rate 1.3% by 2035 and can add 957 billion dollar to Indian GDP.
‘Digital India’ is another step taken by India to achieve the niche in modern technologies of the world.
Beside these, there are so many other pros such as in the field of agriculture, health sector and communication and transportation development. But some concern areas are also there which need to be resolved. As we know India is the 2nd populous country of the world, and the unemployment rate in India is on its peak of last 10 years; so machines which can replace humans are not in favors of such unfortunate situation of today. In addition to that there are also some ethical issues which need to be resolved.
There is no doubt for being a super power, India have to lead the world; Which can  only possible by utilizing all its potential and have expertise in various technological fields from defense to IT sector, from AI to Machine Learning. These steps are essential for being a developed nation. But some repercussion also walks simultaneously with the development. We have to be careful from those and take wise steps.
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