Windows 10 After Install what to do speedup your PC

1. Update Windows

(If You Don’t have internet Don’t worry Skip this step but it is important)
Foremost After installing the Windows on your PC and Laptop you have to do Update your 
Windows. It is very important step that you must have follow. We can’t compromise with 
Security on Windows.

2. Install any missing Drivers

In windows Pc Drivers is important part of OS that helps to run Hardware with Software.
So install Drivers in PC. If you have internet Update Your Windows it will automatically 
install missing Driver. Or If You have Driver’s CD then you can install One by one.

3. Add desktop Icon

When We newly install windows we have only Recycle Bin icon.
Go To- Home> Settings>Personalized>

4.Disable Unwanted windows service

Install This Software and Use Recommend Settings.
4. Install Free Firewall software
Firewall is Very important part of security. Install Zone alarm or Any other Firewall 
Security software


1. install antivirus

Install Free or Paid Antivirus its depend on your Choice. But I recommend to you Use 
Windows defender security as a First Antivirus. It is one of the best Antivirus and its free.
For More Review of 
Windows defender security


I recommend to you use free ZoneAlarm Firewall


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